The only lad who likes me is Nutter – 13th January 1999

Wednesday 13th I’ve not had a very good day. The only good thing really was I got an A in Geography. I was the only one who got an A in the class which made me 3rd with 76.6% or summit because 2 people got A*s and guess who they were. Yes, Dougie and Ewan.

Okay, there’s quite a lot of bad stuff to tell you about now.

My Maths mark. I got 36% on one exam paper and 37% on the other. I’m not sure what grade that got but it’s not good, I know that much.

Then there was my P.E. lesson. It was hockey and I thought I was doing okay but, as usual, Miss Pinder decided to pick on me again by keeping telling me to “get involved”. I think it’s built up because she keeps catching me when I’m out of games like basketball and volleyball and she’s never watching when I do actually do summit good so now she’s always expecting me to make no effort and watches out for it.

I have noticed (and she said so herself) that Shauna Adams is also usually out of it but I think Pinder likes her coz she’s on school teams and stuff. I think Pinder’s convinced herself that I’m crap at P.E. but there are 4 girls and loads of lads in our group and we find it hard to keep up coz the lads are so selfish too.  They ignore me mostly so I do find it difficult sometimes to get involved if the rest of my team is excluding me. If I don’t have the ball, I can’t show the teachers what I can actually do.

Anyway, after the lesson, Pinder said, “Tess, can I just have a word?” She started asked me what was the matter and why I wasn’t getting involved and that my grade could drop even though my written work’s good. I couldn’t answer and say what I wanted to because, if I’d have opened my mouth to speak, I would have burst into tears. It was so humiliating and then, of course, everyone wanted to know what she’d said to me. I had to go into the toilets to calm myself down.

On top of all this, Emma and I discovered today that Lena’s having a sleepover for her birthday and we didn’t get invited. When Emma asked her about it, she told her it’d been cancelled but it hasn’t. We really feel like they’re all being a bit off with us but there’s no reason we can think of. I invited her to my birthday meal thingy so it can’t be that. Emma wouldn’t have been able to go anyway but that’s not the point and I could’ve done.

You see, that’s another thing I’m worried about because Emma’s going to Mr Smith’s with Davis and all his mates from wherever he lives. I’m not invited coz I’m not particularly friends with them and Emma and some Gavin lad are getting on pretty well, I think. Ewan’s going too.

Oh yeah, that’s another thing. Ewan fancies Alice Croft. He asked for her phone number. Abby says she doesn’t like him though. It’s so annoying.

The only lad who likes me is Nutter and I’m completely on my bill at the weekends with bad marks at school. Emma doesn’t make me feel much better with her new group of friends out of school (a part of her social life I’m not involved in. I thought I was her best mate) and a new lad just about every week. What am I going to do, hey?

My French oral exam was awful. I had no idea what the teacher was on about. I never want to do it again!


P.S. I’ve just found out that my cousin Rhian’s in hospital. Something happened to her back and she couldn’t walk so they carted her off from school in an ambulance. I’ll tell more if I find out more but she may have to see some specialist in Edinburgh or somewhere.

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