Nutter still fancies me – 4th & 6th January 1999

Monday 4th Well, our mock exams started today. Oh, what fun! NOT!!!

But first… someone persuaded Ferny to drink alcohol at New Year. Emma found out when she was listening to his answer when Mr P asked him if he’d had a nice holiday. Ferny told him, “I can’t remember much” so Emma asked if he’d been drinking and he said yes coz his friends had persuaded him into it.

We saw him again after school and he said he’d been away with the RAF and his mates from that had got him to drink. He never has done before. He said he got pressurised into it but they must’ve been badly skitting him coz he’s not backed down to people like Ralph and Freddie. Mind you, neither did I.

Emma also remembered that at the party, Ewan told her he went shopping in Warrington with Rick and he’d bought Brandy and South Park CDs. Emma then told him it was spooky coz I’d got a Brandy CD at Xmas and I was looking at and nearly bought the South Park album in the Trafford Centre. He said that great minds think alike or summit.

I didn’t mention New Year to Zoe today but she kept telling me that she wanted to talk to me. I never let her. I thought I would laugh when she confessed it all to me.


Wednesday 6th I failed my Maths exam today. I know already and I’ve not even got the results back yet. It was horrible and I hardly did any of the questions. Anyway, now that’s over, I can look forward to failing French.

Ferny didn’t help matters. He was attempting to fix a puncture on his bike with Ralph after it was all over and he told me and Emma he thought it was easy. Yeah right!

I still like him. He called Hayley sad as well which is reassuring to know (coz she’s my main rival for him, even though he doesn’t seem interested in girls) and he also told us that the Xmas card he gave her was the one from last year which he never got round to giving to her then.

Oh yeah, Nutter still fancies me. Emma said she asked him if he did at lunch and he said I was alright and then when she asked for a yes or no answer he said yes. Why couldn’t it be Ferny or Ewan instead, hey?


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