Major long eye contact – 22nd-24th December 1998

Tuesday 22nd Pretty boring day coz cousins were at school. We met Rhian afterwards and she was following this Cal Brown lad. He’s not that nice. She also told me (after we’d gone!) that Ben McFarlane had been in Woolies. Never mind.

There was major long eye contact between me and this really nice lad in the town but I saw him smoking later on so that put me off.

I’m going to bed now.


Wednesday 23rd Yet again I’m severely pissed off.

I phoned Emma today and she told me what’s been happening. It’s not a lot really. She said she’s just been to Ed’s and his mum came back whilst she and Dougie were in the loft or something.

Anyway, I’m annoyed because she also told me that she’s going to Zoe’s New Year’s Eve party and so are loads of other people including Ewan. They’re all going to be enjoying themselves whilst I’ll be stuck collecting glasses at the bleeding Sports Club with Hayley and loads of people over the age of 40. [40 seemed absolutely ancient to me then. Not so much now…]

Mind you, Ewan did say that if it was going to be all lads at Zoe’s party then he wasn’t going to go but Emma’ll be there and a few other girls and a lot of his mates so that means he probably will go.

It’s unfair. I’ll never get him. I can never go where he goes and the other way round. After New Year, there’s no reason for anyone to party so I may as well just give up. Nobody seems to give a toss but it’s really upsetting and annoying me and there’s nothing I can do about it now. I’ve left it too late.


Thursday 24th Nobody seems to have bothered with me much this week. I’m feeling neglected!

Seriously though, all Auntie S ever seems to say is “Oh, poor Tess”. I don’t know why. Is there some reason I don’t know about that I should get sympathy for?

I think all the adults think I’m stupid coz I worry too much. Just because I’ve mentioned exams and stuff a couple of times, they keep telling me that it doesn’t matter and stuff. I know but I still don’t want to fail them.

I think Tom and Minnie reckon I’m boring or summit coz they seem to prefer Abby. It’s fine and they’re all over me until she comes in. I don’t think she or Rhian can be bothered with me either. I went home from the town coz I got bored of shopping and since then they’ve only stayed in the same room as me for a few minutes before they went elsewhere.


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