I’ve seen some weird things – 20th & 21st December 1998

Sunday 20th Okay, I’m in the hotel at Dunkeld now and I’m bored. I’ve got to wait ages before we go down for dinner and I’m hungry already.

I’ve seen some weird things from the car on the way here. I saw:

  • a pig on the motorway embankment
  • a Mini in a field
  • horses on a cliff
  • a clown driving down the motorway
  • an ostrich
  • 2 herons in a field of sheep
  • some really big bird on a fence

I’m really worried that I’m going to miss summit at home. I bet all my friends will do loads of stuff this week and then nothing next week and that Ewan’ll get a girlfriend or will end up obsessively fancying someone or summit. Not much I can do about it now though considering how far away I am.

I really want Ewan. It’s not fair. I s’pose it’s my own fault for not talking to him.

I really need something to happen that’ll boost my confidence a bit and that’ll just generally make my happy. It’s not like I’m really depressed or anything at the moment but I’m just getting a bit stressed out about all these mock exams and my skin and what my friends’ll get up to while I’m away and the fact that no lad I like ever seems to like me back.

I want something that I can talk about for ages after it’s happened. A good thing, of course. Like Austria. So much happened on that holiday. Good, fun stuff that me and my mates are still discussing now. And that was way back in February. Oh well, I’ll just have to see if anything happens. I doubt it somehow.


Monday 21st I’m at my cousins’ house in Wick now. Tom and Minnie are all over me and Abby but I don’t think Rhian really wants to know now she’s 13. I think she’d rather be at her mate Lorna Gray’s house than with us. She’s not breaking up from school until Wednesday so we have even less time with her coz we’re going on Sunday. Then on top of that she’s got school discos and stuff.

It’s not even snowing.

Me and Abby are going to be so bored while they’re at school coz there’s nothing really to do round here. I also know I’ve gotta get some homework and revision in at some point. It’s all too much.


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