I don’t want to sound big-headed or anything – 27th & 29th November 1998

Friday 27th [This coming sentence will require a deep breath if it’s ever said out loud…] Hayley told me that Ewan Swann had told Rick Swann and he’d told his girlfriend who told Hayley that Ewan said he was really interested in me but he wished I’d talk to him. I’m not sure when he said that but if he did it’s good!

Freda Fernandez embarrassed me so much after school. I had orchestra and Ewan was hanging round too and when he was stood by us she shouted, “Ewan, will you go out with Tess?” I’m so glad I don’t go red very easily when I get embarrassed coz I would’ve done then. I can’t remember what I did but Emma said he smiled and walked off.

She also pointed out that he didn’t say no. When someone’s messing about like Freda was and you don’t like then person they’re asking  you out for, you tend to actually say, “No!!!” or you tell them where to go.

The other thing was that that my mum’s been asking Mrs C (a dead nice French teacher who she knows and lives near us) about extra French lessons for me coz I’m panicking about my exam. Mum then told me that she also already tutors Isaac M and Ewan Swann. When she told me that I went, “Ewan Swann?!” so at tea she must have remembered my reaction and asked me who he was. I mean, out of all the people in the whole year, it would be Ewan wouldn’t it!

That tall boy, Adam, was in the Sports Club tonight with Murray but he didn’t come until near the end. I was there for about half an hour of the time he was and not a lot happened. He saw me and smiled when he first came in and then he went in the table tennis room with Murray but he kept looking round the door for me. When he saw me he smiled and went away.

When I went to the toilet, Hayley and Lindsey said he came to the door, put his hand on the handle, looked around, saw me walking off and went back in the room he’d come from. That was it really. I don’t want to sound big-headed or anything but I think he might actually really like me.

So, now, the people who have fancied me (that I know of recently) have been pretty mingin’. Okay, well Adam’s okay but Ralph Christopherson and Andrew Bailey aren’t really. Why can’t someone really nice (like Ferny or Ewan) actually fancy me? Hey?!

Right, well, the rest of the weekend’s gonna be pretty boring I think. So…


Sunday 29th

[I didn't hate the Spice Girls. I was probably just trying to salvage my last remaining cell of cool after having purchased the B*witched album.]

[I didn’t hate the Spice Girls. I was probably just trying to salvage my last remaining cells of cool after having made purchases such as the B*witched album.]

I went to the Trafford Centre today with Mum, Charlotte and Emma to get a bit of Xmas shopping done and we all saw Posh Spice (Victoria Adams) in Topshop. She was with her mum, sister and some bloke. It’s just a shame she didn’t have David Beckham with her!

I managed to buy Xmas presents for all my mates. I just got them all a £2 bottle of nail varnish each from Claire’s Accessories. I’m going to have to get summit for Emma another time coz she was with me.

For myself I bought the B*witched album and a nightie-style dress from Select which I will probably wear for the Xmas thing at the garden centre. Ewan had better go now!

[Via Wikipedia]

[Via Wikipedia]


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