I got to hear all about his boxers being too tight – 26th November 1998

Thursday 26th Roxanna (who’s my sister’s mate in Year 10 and who is also going out with Ewan’s mate Harry Preston) has told me that on Saturday night she’s got the house to herself and Harry’s going round so she said that I should go and she’ll get Harry to bring Ewan. She also said that if I don’t go then she’ll call round to my house with them. She’d better not!

I’m actually half tempted to go coz I don’t get all that many opportunities with Ewan but then I remember that it has the potential to be an extremely awkward situation. Seeing as Harry and Roxanna are a couple and she seems keen on doing a bit of matchmaking, it’s is likely we could be left alone together. The other thing is explaining why I am going to Roxanna’s house without Abby on a Saturday night.

It all seems like too much trouble but I can’t help thinking that maybe it’d all be worth it. After all, I’m not going to get many other chances coz it’s not guaranteed Ewan’s even going to the garden centre Xmas thing. Mind you, it’d not guaranteed he’d go to Roxanna’s either. I’ll see what happens tomorrow.

Rick keeps smiling at me and stuff every time he sees me. Usually it’s just a nice smile but sometimes I get that knowing grin from him!

Jez Greenhalgh keeps smiling at me too. He also keeps coming over to me in P.E. when he’s injured or summit. Like yesterday, I got to hear all about his boxers being too tight and sticking up his arse. Yes, Jez, I really do want to know these things. NOT!!!

Aah, I still can’t help liking William Fernley or Ferny as he is more commonly known. I’ve liked him for ages and I was just thinking I was starting to go off him coz of Ewan but every time I see him I can’t stop smiling to myself coz he’s so nice. He’s quite tall and a bit lanky with dark hair all over to one side with sideys and a six-pack. He’s lovely and he’s staying at 6th Form as far as I know. Yes! I don’t know if Ewan’s staying on or not. I hope so.

I’m probably going to the Sports Club tomorrow night and that Adam guy’ll probably be in there. I think Hayley and Lindsey might just stir things a bit so I’m not actually sure if I want to risk going! [My diary would have been a hell of a lot more interesting had I been even slightly less risk averse.]


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