“Gardens are for life, not just for Christmas” – 24th November 1998

Tuesday 24th I’m pretty knackered now coz I only got about 4 hours sleep last night. It’s probably to do with the fact I’ve not been waking up until about 11:00 am over the last 4 days. Well, I made up for it this morning by waking up at 5:00 am after only going to sleep at about 1:00 am. I couldn’t get back off to sleep and I kept thinking weird things about my Art work and I had some Alanis Morissette song stuck in my head.

Hayley and Lindsey decided to go and ask Murray Ross about that tall, lanky guy in the Sports Club coz they seemed to know each other. Murray said it’s his cousin Adam Ross but Hayley said he might have made up the surname coz he paused for ages before he said it unconvincingly. He also said that he is only here for a while. When he asked why they asked, they said it was me who wanted to know. Hayley also said she told him I liked Adam but I think she might have been winding me up.

I kept running into Ewan today. I’ve not seen him for 4 days and now he seems to be everywhere I go. When I first got to school I saw him quite far back behind me and Emma and the next thing I knew he was walking with us saying, “And how are you two?” He then disappeared off into B Block.

I just kept walking past him and stuff all day but we just ignored each other until last break. He had prefect duty in A Block and as he was going in I was on my way out. We smiled at each other and that was it but it’s a start, innit?!

Then after school I was hanging about for a while because Swing Band wasn’t on and I knew Ewan has a guitar lesson on a Tuesday night. Emma asked his brother Rick (the good looking but younger one of the 2) if Ewan was about and he asked her if she was Emma and where I was. I then walked in and Rick said, “Hiya Tess” and waved so that made me paranoid, of course. So I asked Emma and what she’d said and she told me all that.

Rick then came over to me and said, “So, do you still like my brother then?” I tried to avoid giving a straight yes or no answer by asking why. It worked and I think he just shrugged his shoulders or summit. Then he asked me if I’d spoken to Ewan yet. I told him I had done sort of and he told me I should just talk to him. I asked why again and he said that Ewan wanted me to. I asked, “Does he?” pretending I didn’t already know and he said, “Yes. Show some confidence.” At which point, guess who walked through the door, yes, Ewan. I was dreading Rick or someone trying to force a conversation between us but no-one did.

Davis was there too all over Emma coz they’re going out (although she’s thinking of dumping him coz he flirts with other girls too much. In my opinion he’s just a creepy American git and even Freddie Bevan was a better catch for her than him.) Ewan came over saying he’d got a permanent job at the garden centre and, “Gardens are for life, not just for Christmas” whilst hopping about with someone else’s crutches. All I could think about him then was “Pratt!” I kept my thoughts to myself though.

Then Ewan and Davis started talking and my name got mentioned and they started laughing. Neither me or Emma heard but Ewan asked me if I had. I said no. I want to know what they were saying and I did ask them but Ewan said it was a man sort of joke. Yeah well, if my name’s mentioned I’d like to know what they were saying. He’s put me off him a bit now but I don’t think he likes me much either.

Anyway, he’s just had his hair cut and it looks stupid coz he’s still got some of the end bits while coz he had bleached streaks in it before.

Oh no! It’s Wednesday tomorrow. I hate Wednesdays coz the lessons I’ve got are awful…

First I’ve got assembly which is bad coz Mr M likes to embarrass us and makes us go to the front sometimes and also I end up sat with sad people coz none of my real friends are in my form. There’s usually someone I like behind me so they think I’m sat with sad people out of choice.

Then I have Maths and Science which I don’t mind so much apart from we’re doing Maths coursework at the moment which I don’t understand.

The afternoon is just horrible. I’ve got Geography where I’m sat right at the front with sad people except Lizzie who’s not in tomorrow and I’ve got Ewan somewhere behind me and Mrs C always holds up my work to show everyone where we’re up to coz I’m the closest to her.

Then I have P.E. last. I sometimes like it but not this half term coz we’re doing basketball and there’s only 3 or 4 girls ever doing it along with loads of lads who act like we don’t exist and I’m always being told to put effort in. Maybe I could if I ever got the bleeding ball! Well, now you can see why I don’t like Wednesdays.


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