It’d be too much hassle with the Yellow Pages – 20th November 1998

Friday 20th P. [Period]

Well, I’ve got a different diary [My 14th diary according to the front.] but nothing much different to write in it.

[So dolphin.]

[So dolphin.]

I didn’t go to school today coz I wasn’t feeling very well this morning. I slept until about 11:00 am and I felt better then. So, for the rest of the day I was bored. I phoned Emma Thornley to see if I’d missed anything at school but she said that nothing had really happened. That’s surprising coz usually something happens when I’m not there.

I went to the Sports Club this evening with Hayley Pearson, Rachael Hollins, Lindsey Bullman, Rachael’s sister Sian and her mate Kelly. We just watch TV, talked and played snooker. Then this really, really tall lad came in. We’ve seen him before and he was staring at me last time too. Well, he was doing it again.

We reckon he’s about 17 and he’s tall with blondish-brown hair swept across to one side and he’s quite thin. If he was shorter, he’d be a bit more of a possibility but it’d be too much hassle with the Yellow Pages with the height difference there is!

Anyway, we went back in the TV room and he walked past and was looking at me. He was on the way back too and when he was opening the door to the snooker room. I don’t think he knew we could see him but we could in the window.

Then later on when everyone except me and Hayley had gone home, he walked past again to the bar or summit and he got half way there, saw us, stopped, turned round and came in the TV room and looked to see what we were watching but went out again, probably coz it was Children in Need. When he did come in, Hayley and I just pretended we were deep in conversation so he wouldn’t talk to us.

I found out from Emma today that the school Xmas concert which I’m in with Swing Band and orchestra is on the night of the garden centre Xmas part. Emma works at the garden centre and all the staff get 2 tickets so she wants me to go with her. Normally I wouldn’t want to go to a garden centre staff party but another member of staff there is Ewan Swann who I just happen to like… a lot.

Maybe I can get out if the concert for that night coz it’s on twice. You never know, summit could happen with me and Ewan and I don’t want to miss any more chances like Ed’s party (which I didn’t go to) when Ewan said he’d have gone with [snogged] me. It’s been said that he likes me too but I’m not so sure he does. He wants me to talk to him and I have, sort of, but we’re both too shy to start a conversation. It’d probably be alright after we did though. I doubt it’ll go any further than it is now. [Nowhere.]


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