I’ve finally spoken to Ewan! – 17th November 1998

Tuesday 17th Yes!!! I’ve done it! I’ve finally spoken to Ewan!

Well… sort of. Okay, I was in the same room as him and Emma was talking to both of us but we said the odd word to each other.

It was safer after Swing Band tonight. He had a guitar lesson so he was in the other Music room practicing and Emma went in to talk to him, hoping I’d follow. I nearly just went home but I knew I couldn’t waste another opportunity so I went in and talked to Emma and Ed. Ewan spoke to them too so there was a conversation going at least.

We then talked about Geography and Emma said something about Mrs C and Ewan looked confused until he remembered that Mrs C had another set as well as ours and he said, “Oh yeah, you’re not in my…” then he changed it to “…our set, are you?”

“Our” meaning me and him. Yeah! He does know I exist! Abby (who’d joined us by then) kicked me when he said that and grinned at me coz she’d heard him too.

Emma reckons he’s the one being shy too. He kept going red and he didn’t say a lot to me either when he had plenty of opportunities. I think he was waiting for me to say summit and I was waiting for him to say summit but neither of us really did.

Cat was talking to him on prefect duty. She said at one point he said summit and she heard my name and then he muttered something else, smiled and said, “She’s being shy.” Yeah well, he’s not exactly the most confident person I know either. He could talk to me but he won’t.

I was also being questioned again by Adrian Ford in Art. He asked if I liked Ewan and I said, “Yeah, he’s alright.” Then he asked if I fancied him and I said, “Not really.” Okay, so I lied, it’s too late now.

I went to the Trafford Centre this evening. It’s big.


P.S. To find out what happens next with Ewan (if anything does) you’ll have to find my 14th diary. [Fear not! I found it. It’s dolphin-y.]

See you soon!

(Maybe!) [I didn’t like to jinx things. I assumed the consequence of writing that I’d DEFINITELY see you soon meant I’d be hit by a bus.]

[He’s the obligatory last-page-of-diary round up of who I loved.]

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