I’d better get in there quick! – 15th November 1998

Sunday 15th I’m bored again. I’ve got plenty of homework to do but I can’t bring myself to start any.

I phoned Emma before to see if anything interesting has been happening in her little life coz she went to town yesterday with Davis and Az Hart. I nearly went but changed my mind coz I knew it’d be Davis + Emma and Az + Suzanna. Good job I didn’t coz that’s how it was until Az started pratting about and Suzanna went off him.

Emma also said that Davis said he thought all her friends are sad and things like that. [Sad as in swots and losers.] He’s going to have to watch himself coz I’ll only go back to making his life a misery if he starts calling me. I hope he’s not said anything in front of Ewan.

Emma thinks Ewan thinks she fancies him coz she said that every time he’s looked up she’s been looking at him and then she goes red. She says it’s just coincidence that she just happens to be looking in his direction and she’s not actually staring at him but that’s what it must look like to him.

I hope he doesn’t start fancying her coz they get on well as far as I know. I s’pose she is going out with Davis Alexander Nolan Junior but if they don’t last long, who knows what could happen.

I’d better get in there quick!


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