He said “yes” when they asked if he liked me – 13th November 1998

Friday 13th I went to the Italian tonight with all my mates for my birthday. There was this fit lad doing the washing up in the kitchen who works at the garden centre called Jamie so Emma knows him. I think she got him in the background of a photo.

Davis was really horrible to me this morning and was slagging me off at lunch. I can’t really complain coz I’ve done it to him in the past but recently I’ve been trying to make an effort. Then, in English, he asked Emma to stay at his house tonight and I just said I didn’t mind if she didn’t come with us. I think he thought I was being sarcastic or summit coz he started saying about me being self-centred or summit. Then Rach said he was calling me a bitch at lunch and when she asked why he told her it was just coz I was there. Charming!

Hayley and Lindsey were talking to Ewan at Parents’ Evening last night about me. I can’t remember how it started but he said “yes” when they asked if he liked me but he said he really wanted to speak to me. He asked why I always said, “Oh my God” when he came near me and they told him it was coz I was just shy. He said he was too and they said he should just talk to me but he said how could he when I always “run away”. I don’t. [I did.]

Anyway, I’ve decided I want to talk to him now coz Emma said he already likes me and he just wants to get talking and that it’s not very often that someone actually likes you back. That’s very true.

Emma also mentioned the garden centre Xmas part thing and said that when she was talking to Ewan about it he said he couldn’t be bothered going. She said, “Well, I’ll take Tess and you can take Davis” but he said, “No, I’ll take Tess and you can take Davis.” Fine by me! She thought he may have been joking though. He doesn’t know if he’ll go.

I saw him after school. I didn’t speak but I smiled coz we just passed each other. He was definitely looking and I think he was a bit shocked actually!


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