Is that all he ever says? – 8th & 9th November 1998

Sunday 8th It’s Freddie’s birthday today. I think he got a moped or summit. Emma, Suzanna and I were going to phone him from town today but we got an answer machine.

We went to town coz, when I was at Emma’s last night, Connor and Navid phoned and asked us to go down so we did. Connor still fancies Emma and Navid has given up on Suzanna and he was looking for a new victim so they turned up at Suzanna’s too.

They’re both pretty mingin’ in my opinion. Connor’s tall with greasy black hair and a goofy face. Navid’s short with wavy brown hair and looks like a teddy or summit. They’ve both got pierced ears. Yuk! That really puts me off. I’m not sure what they think of me.

Abby just told me that Roxanna was at Ewan’s house yesterday. She said that Roxanna’s going out with or seeing Harry Preston and Sadie’s going out with Robert Osborne so they went to Rick Swann’s party. She said Ewan was there too.

I bet Ewan’s going out with or at least went with [snogged] someone too. I hope not. Mind you, I can’t see it going much further than it is now with me and Ewan [i.e. absolutely nowhere] seeing as neither of us will talk to each other. They only thing is that I’ve got Adrian asking questions in my Art lesson and Ewan’s got Emma asking questions and stuff in his. I wonder if anything will happen this week coz summit was done or said every day last week, I think.

Emma found out that I E-mailed [Yes, this had a capital ‘E’.] Carl last week and she thinks I embarrassed her so she’s threatening to say summit to Ewan to get me back. I’d rather she didn’t embarrass me but maybe it’s a good thing if she does keep saying little things then he doesn’t forget I like him.

I get the feeling that Emma doesn’t tell me everything he or she says. She doesn’t like to know bad things that are said about her so she doesn’t always tell me things coz she thinks that I don’t like to know things either. I think I said that before. Yeah, I did on Friday.


Monday 9th The Ewan thing’s started up already this week. This time, Roxanna got involved. She saw me on the stairs this morning and asked me if I fancied Ewan. I was a bit less panic-stricken than I was with Adrian and I said he was alright and asked who’d told her. It was Abby.

Roxanna also spoke to Ewan at some other point today coz she told me on the phone that she asked him if he liked me and he said yes but that he wants me to talk to him so he can get to know me better. Is that all he ever says?

Emma was also speaking to him in Art with Harry Preston who asked why I wouldn’t talk to him and was it because I was shy but Cat made some sniggering noise behind them which suggested that I wasn’t. Emma said, “Well, what d’you expect her to do? Just go up and start taking to him?” They said yes. Yeah right, like I’d do that!

There was summit else they said to her after school but I can’t remember what so it’s probably been said before.

Roxanna also says I have to go to Ewan’s village with her when she next goes then we can go to Ewan’s house. Hmm… and that wouldn’t be awkward?! She also said that she’ll tell Harry to bring Ewan with him next time he comes to our village so they can call for me here. They’d better not!


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