I think he meant the sort of fancying-type want – 6th November 1998

Friday 6th Emma didn’t go to school today coz she said she’s ill. Davis says it’s probably a hangover.

At lunch I was in C Block with Rach talking to Dougie about possibly going to the cinema and Ewan came round the corner. He didn’t say anything to me. Then I was stood by a radiator talking to Rach and he went into a practice room with his guitar.

Then Adrian Ford came and was stood in the doorway talking to Ewan. Then he turned round to me and started pointing to the room whispering, “Tess, Ewan’s in there, go and talk to him.” When I asked why (like I didn’t know!) he said, “Coz he wants you!” Then he walked off.

By saying “wants” I think he meant the sort of fancying-type want. Not that I think he fancies me but that’s the way Adrian made it sound.

Rick [Ewan’s brother] also said hello to me after school and had a sort of knowing smile on his face.

Ewan had come into our form room today to give someone a message from Mrs O. He was stood in the doorway grinning and I think it was coz he was looking at me smiling away to myself. I couldn’t quite tell where he was looking though coz his eyes go like this when he smiles:

But his head was turned in my direction.

I spoke to Emma over the phone before and she said nowt happened with her and a lad last night. She said the Andrew Bailey thing was true and also said that Davis said that if I tried I could look really nice coz I’ve got a good figure and a nice face.

I’m not quite sure how to take it but he also said I was alright (personality-wise) at the moment too. Emma said she thought of it as a compliment or she wouldn’t have told me. That worries me coz she could know summit bad that someone’s said about me and I won’t know and could make a fool of myself coz she won’t tell me.


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