He’s probably analysing everything I do – 2nd November 1998

Monday 2nd Well, Freda did bring all the photos in except the really bad one of me. They were all awful but she left the worst one of me in her scanner at home coz she’s put it onto the internet and sent it to me. [Is this an early example of cyberbullying?!] It’s not quite as bad as I thought it’d be but it’s certainly not the most flattering photo ever taken.

I was right to worry about my Chemistry mark coz I got 37… out of 86! That’s definitely not good. Not many people got above 45 but not many got below my mark, if any.

At the end of lunch I went to the phone with Rach and, as I was coming out of S Block, Davis came running up to me and said that Ewan was wanting to talk to me. That’s all he said. So, all registration I was shitting myself coz I had Geography next and Ewan’s in my set.

Well, he didn’t say anything so as soon as the bell went I rushed around trying to find Emma to see what the hell was going on. She told me that Ewan had just gone up to her and Davis and said, “How’s… er… what’s her name?” Emma said, “You mean Tess?” and he said yes. (Charming! He can’t even remember my name.)

He then asked where I was and Emma told him I was probably in my form room. He then said he’d have to have a conversation with me sometime so Emma told him that we were usually in the Music rooms at lunch and he said so was he sometimes. Well, I’m not going to be in there quite so often now!

Emma said he likes the look of me so he wants to see what my personality’s like. That’s why I’ll probably avoid him from now on coz, if he tries to talk to me, I’m bound to panic and say summit daft! Emma said she wasn’t going to tell me coz I’d be more ‘natural’ if I didn’t know he was finding out what I was like. She’s really worried me too by saying he’s probably analysing everything I do to try and see if I’m alright or not. Great!


P.S. Olivia said he did know my name and just said, “How’s Tess?”

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