They’re going to get Ewan to give me a birthday kiss – 27th & 28th October 1998

Tuesday 27th I went to see my Grandma S today and we went to Hollingworth Lake and had lunch in a chippy with a gorgeous lad in a baseball cap working in the kitchen. I think it was called Mr Thomas’s or summit.

Emma went to the Trafford Centre with Davis today. They didn’t do anything with each other. They saw Freda, Lizzie etc. and Neil Kennedy and Ralph. Luck them!

They were also discussing me and Ewan and Davis said he was really surprised about Ewan saying he liked me etc. [He said I was “alright”. Not quite the same.] at the party and that Davis didn’t think he normally admitted things like that. They’ve also decided that they’re going to get Ewan to give me a birthday kiss. That could be so embarrassing! He’d better not!


Wednesday 28th The doctor said that I should come off the tablets now coz I’ve been on them for a year. [They were for spots.] It may not come back again if it’s hormonal but I’ve got a horrible feeling it will. He said I can go back on them if it does come back.

I don’t think I could cope with it again. It’s awful. It’s sometimes stress that can cause it and I know that when I worry it gets worse and then I worry more so it’s just one big vicious cycle. I’m going to try not to worry yet though and I’ll try to eat more healthily too. I dunno how long I can keep that up for though!

Emma’s asked me to the garden centre Xmas party. She said each member of staff gets two tickets. One for them and one for a mate or whatever. Emma said she’s looking forward to it now she has a mission. The mission is to get me and Ewan together. Ha, yeah right! Like it’d go to plan. He’s bound to go with another girl or not bother going at all.


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