It all makes him sound like a bit of a sleaze – 24th October 1998

Sunday 24th I was right again! Yep, I love that feeling of ‘I told you so’. Emma snogged Davis last night at the party. I’ve been told not to say anything coz she says she doesn’t want it getting back to Freddie. More like she doesn’t want everyone saying what I’m thinking. Yuk! He looks like a giant baboon – seriously.

She said quite a few people got together. There was Sally Reed + Robert Osborne, Jill Baines + George Maine, Emma + some Geordie lad called Carl (oh yeah, and Davis) and Ewan + Keely Wade but only until he got dead pissed and tried to 3[*] her or summit.

[*It’s time to explain the Snogging Code we had at school. I’ve created a separate page for it here but, as this is the first time one has cropped up, I’ll explain now too…

1 = Snogging
2 = Copping a feel
3 = Hand to nether regions
4 = Mouth to nether regions
5 = Sex
6 = Backdoor sex
7 = Threesome
8 = More than threesome
9 = Sex with an animal
10 = Sex with a dead person
11 = Sex with a dead animal

I’d just like to point out that the higher numbers on this scale were never actually used.]

Emma says Ewan went dead depressed and said he was sorry to Keely. I don’t like the sound of him sometimes. Emma was telling me that he went totally different after he and Davis finished off a bottle of Southern Comfort and that I would probably have been put off him.

Although, Emma was talking to Ewan when he first arrived and was sober. He asked where I was and she told him that I didn’t want to go coz I didn’t like Ed. (Davis also chipped in with a sarcastic comment like, “Oh, what a shame”.) She asked him why he asked and Ewan said, “She should have come. I would have gone with [snogged] her, you know.”

Emma then asked if he liked me and he said, “Yeah, she’s alright.” She then said, “Well why didn’t you tell me before?” and he told her that he’d been making obvious hints in the Music rooms on Friday lunch (I didn’t notice!) and he said he’d been saying things like, “I’m going to Ed’s party.” Yeah well, if he hadn’t started going on about Gemma, maybe I’d have thought I had a chance.

I am put off by what Emma said he did to Keely. There’s that and there’s the thing with Corrine Hayes. It all makes him sound like a bit of a sleaze. Maybe he is, I don’t really know him. But Emma said he was okay until he got pissed. [I want to yell at my teenage self to stop fancying the creep and avoid him like the plague!]

Emma annoys me too with the fact that she can’t seem to go out anywhere without getting off with at least one person. She’s such a slapper and she even admitted once that she doesn’t like to just stick with one lad. The other thing is that she can’t say no. She said that she didn’t really want to go with Davis but she did coz he was pressurising her into it. Bollocks! She could have avoided him or pushed him away or actually said no for once in her life.


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