I’m being a bit devious – 21st October 1998

Wednesday 21st We went to Blackpool after school. Before we went, I couldn’t be bothered going but I’m glad I did coz it turned out to be absolutely brilliant! We had 10 tickets and 6 hours or so with hardly any queues.

I went on the Irn Bru Revolution 3 times, Avalanche once, Space Invasion once, the Pepsi Max Big One once, Playstation The Ride 3 times and and, oh yeah, that was it coz the Big One’s an AA ride so it took up 2 tickets.

We went on the Playstation [ride] first. I was so scared coz it looks awful. I was sat on the ride just waiting for it to shoot up and, just as you thought you were going to have a heart attack or it had broken, it went up. It was so good. It felt like you were floating. I loved that one.

Then everyone else went on the Big One. Well, some like Hayley, Lindsey and Rach went elsewhere but me and Lena wanted to go on summit else first to sort of build up to it so we went on the Revolution. That was weird but good when you went down and upside-down backwards. I liked that one too.

I went on all the others at some point and I finally went on the Big One. I wasn’t that scared or anything really until I was sat right at the front. It was really good too but on the big drop you’re bracing yourself for your stomach to go funny and it doesn’t coz the track twists round. It was a bit disappointing actually but still brill!

Emma was talking to Ewan at last break whilst I was in the changing rooms. I think she fancies him to be honest. I’d be so annoyed if she did anything with him or if he fancied her. That’d be just my luck though!

They were discussing me at one point and she said she asked if he liked me. He said, again, that I’d have to talk to him, I think. He said all this business with me fancying him would make a good start to the conversation. It would not!

A bad part was that Emma told him she dumped Freddie and Ewan said, “So you’re single now?” She said yes but she couldn’t go out with him coz I’d never speak to her again. Cheers Emma!

I’m worried that Emma and Ewan will end up going out or summit coz he said that he liked Grace coz he got on well with her and he and Emma get on quite well I think. They also both work at the garden centre, they talk a lot in Art and other things like that including what a slapper Emma is. She asked me on the coach what I’d do if she went with [snogged] Ewan. I hope she doesn’t.

I don’t see when I’m going to get the chance to talk to him and I don’t know if I want to coz I know now that he might ask me if I fancy him or summit. I can just see Emma jumping in there at the garden centre Xmas part or sometime. She probably wouldn’t even stop to think about whether I’d care.

Because of all this, I’m being a bit devious and I’m trying to convince her that she should go out with Davis!


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