He kisses like a washing machine on spin! – 18th & 19th October 1998

Sunday 18th P. [Period]

Emma told me everything, I think. I’ll not tell now coz I’m knackered but basically she cooked up a plan so she could dump Freddie and it worked.


Monday 19th Okay, Emma and Freddie first, I think. Emma told me on Sunday that she’s not liked Freddie for a while now and wanted a good excuse to dump him. So, at Suzanna’s party she gave him the chance to do summit wrong and he did.

There were quite a few people at the part but not too many. Emma told Freddie she wasn’t feeling well as an excuse not to snog him. She also made sure that she was pretty sober and he was pretty pissed.

She then asked Joanne if she’d do her a favour and go with [snog] Freddie and explained that she wanted an excuse to get rid of him but Joanne felt sick at the thought and wouldn’t do it even for a fiver. So then Emma asked some of the other single people but none of them would do it coz they thought he was mingin’. Not even for money.

Eventually she asked Suzanna but she refused too at 1st coz she’s going out with Jaffa and didn’t want to be unfaithful. But Emma offered Jaffa £5 to let Suzanna go with Freddie. He said okay so Suzanna did it and Freddie made no attempt to push her away. Suzanna came back saying “Yuk! Yuk! Yuk!” and told everyone that he kisses like a washing machine on spin!

Well, that was done with but then one of the German exchange girls heard that Emma was offering money to people who’d go with Freddie so she offered and Emma said okay. This German girl dragged Freddie into a room and Freddie jumped her.

That was enough of an excuse to dump him but Freddie hadn’t finished. He was at the top of the stairs with this Becky who was reading. Emma said she was small and Freddie told advantage and jumped her too!

By this time, everyone at the party other than Freddie knew what Emma was up to and they were all reporting back to her on Freddie’s latest moves. Eventually she thought she’d better show some concern or Freddie might start to get suspicious so she asked him what was going on. He said summit about them all harassing him (lying bastard!) and that he couldn’t help it if he was a sex-machine. Ha ha ha!!!

The part he didn’t know was that Emma was having to offer money for people to snog him and even then they still wouldn’t!

She said she’d been planning this for a week and it’d worked. It’s tight but a lot of people would’ve push Suzanna away and he just jumped the other 2. I think it’s quite funny actually.

Other parts of the night’s events were that Freddie at a plate of half eaten biscuits after Emma and Becky said they were meant to be like that. He also got psychologically pissed on half a bottle of cooking oil coz she thought it was some sort of spirit. Duh!

Emma dumped him on the phone last night and he had the cheek to ask for a ring he’d bought her back. She made sure everyone knew about what he did in school today. He wrote her a letter, basically apologising. Soppy git!

It was a bit embarrassing for me at break. Emma and I were looking for Miss W so she could hand her Maths book in and Ewan was on prefect duty in G Block. We had to go in and he stood holding the door, grinning and going a bit red. He said, “Hi, Emma” then sort of nodded a hello at me and said, “Tessa”, still grinning.

I couldn’t stop smiling for some reason. He well thinks I fancy him now. I think I do too!

I’m dreading tomorrow. We’ve got to act out these stupid interview things in P.S.E. [Personal and Social Education] and it’ll be so awful. I can’t see any way of getting out of it and Poppy won’t be in.


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