“In fact, you’re a babe” – 15th October 1998

Thursday 15th There’s not really much interesting to write but I will anyway.

Emma’s got some major problem but she won’t tell me what it is. She accidentally let slip that she was worrying about summit and when I said she could tell me, she wouldn’t. She normally does, you see, but she said she wasn’t even wavering to tell me when I was going on at her. She said she may tell me when it’s all over with but not now coz I know her too well. I don’t think that there’s just her involved though.

I can’t stand not knowing things. It’s not fair that she’s keeping me hanging like this. She started it by telling me that there was something up, she can’t not finish now. [Serves me right for thinking about phoning her a few days beforehand just to be horrible to her.]

We were talking to James [Dougie] at break while he was doing his prefect duties. He likes Nicola Banks and she likes him but he doesn’t want to go out with her. He says he likes someone else as well as her too. That’s another thing that’s got me guessing. He was telling Emma that she knows her and talks to her sometimes but he wouldn’t give us a name or ever what year she’s in. [I hoped it was me, didn’t I?]

I went in the Music rooms at lunch with Emma and Rach. William [Ferny] was in there on the computer finishing off an apology letter to the theatre company about Macbeth on behalf of his form. He said he didn’t really care whether they come back or not coz they were crap, he just wants to go to Blackpool. Most forms have done a letter or card to apologise for the year’s behaviour. I had to sign one and I wasn’t even in school.

I keep seeing Ewan everywhere. It’s really embarrassing coz I know he thinks I fancy him. I kept going round corners and nearly walking into him. Outside French today he walked up the stairs into my field of vision and he looked at me and I caught his eye so he now thinks I was probably staring at him.

At last break, Lola Fearnley [Ferny’s little sister] kicked William in the balls (she smokes I found out yesterday) and he was having trouble walking so on their way to last lesson all his mates deliberately sped up so he’d have to go through even more pain to try and keep up. I saw him again on the stairs trying to get past a group of Year 7s shouting, “Hurry up I need to sit down!” I then looked into the Spanish room as I went past to Art and saw him rolling around on a chair. I’m beginning to wonder if there’s anything left of that part of his anatomy considering the amount of injuries he’s had in that region!

On my way home I was walking behind these 2 Year 7 lads. I’ve seen them looking in my direction before but they spoke to me today. One turned round and asked me where I was going and when I said “home” he asked me where I lived. He then turned round a few minutes later and said, “You’re quite nice.” He turned back round to his mate then turned to me again and said, “In fact, you’re a babe.” He sounded pretty serious actually. I just said “Oh, right” and couldn’t stop grinning to myself.

[Now, let us all just take a moment to remind ourselves that i was not, in fact, a babe…]

The other one then turned round and asked me out for his mate (Graham I think he was called) and I told him he was a bit young for me. I ended up walking with them and talking to them about P.E., prefects (theirs are Jade Hancock and Adrian Ford) and my Art work. I’ll try and find out who they are coz they said they also helped Tunde S with his P.E. cricket coursework. They live up Mowley Common somewhere.

Cameron’s taller than me. I’d always thought of him as short but in Art I took my shoes off and he was slightly taller. [That probably meant he qualified as potential boyfriend material.]


P.S. I knew there was summit else. How could I forget? Bella saw Finn again in Warrington and he asked how I was (and he remembered my name!) and he asked where I lived. She told him the wrong village and he said he played cricket there at the Sports Club. I’m going to have to find out when.

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