Everything is so unfair! – 13th October 1998

Tuesday 13th

Why does nothing ever go right for me? I thought it had for once but it’s not. I’ve been dreading today for the last week coz we were told last week that in today’s P.S.E. [Personal & Social Education] lesson we would be acting out job interviews and being filmed doing it. So, when I got a blotchy rash on my face and felt sick last night and this morning, and Mum said I could stay off school, I stupidly thought it had gone my way.

But, oh no, course it bloody well didn’t. It turns out that nobody had P.S.E. because the whole year (except one English group) went to watch a production of Macbeth in the Drama Studio all afternoon.

I was told by Hayley that it was crap and the actors (Miss H and Mr C) all ended up yelling at our year because they were laughing a lot. Now there’s probably going to be the punishment of not being allowed to go on the trip to Blackpool. Well, that’s really unfair on me and everyone else who wasn’t there coz now I won’t be able to go and, even if I can, none of my mates will.

Everything is so unfair!

Something always happens on the days I’m ill and nothing ever does when I’m actually in school. I’ve missed out yet again. [What, on being bollocked by some teachers?] It’s gonna be one of those things that everyone’s gonna want to tell me about and it’ll be all “ah, you should have been there” and “it was so funny, you shouldn’t have been ill”. Then I’ll get pissed off with them all and I won’t have any friends.

The one thing I didn’t miss out on was P.S.E! I’m gonna have to do that stupid interview thing next week now.

I am so unbelievably pissed off! I need to take my aggression out on a wall or summit. I’ve got this overwhelming urge to hit something extremely hard… ow!

I’m going to go and cry now coz I’m that annoyed. I just can’t believe the way things have gone today. In fact, I think I’ll phone Emma and be horrible to her.


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