I’ll just go away and dread tomorrow – 6th & 7th October 1998

Tuesday 6th

I think I’m gonna be in for quite an embarrassing time tomorrow. You see, we had French last thing today and Robert Osborne sits behind us. Emma then deliberately talked about me fancying Ewan Swann, knowing that Robert’s mates with him. Robert kept saying, “Tess Simpson fancies Ewan Swann” all the way through the lesson very loudly so now quite a few people know. I denied it, of course, but Robert says he’s still going to tell Ewan tomorrow morning.

Ewan’s probably going to believe him (if he knows who I am) coz I’m mates with Emma and she was telling him that one of her mates fancied him. It’s going to be so embarrassing.

Riley’s not going to ask me out coz, according to Evie, Chris Lewis said he was too shy but he still liked me.

Great! I’ll just go away and dread tomorrow.


Wednesday 7th School wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. I thought:

  • I was going to get loads of questions about or from Ewan.
  • I was going to be totally on my bill in Geography coz Lizzie wasn’t in.
  • I’d embarrass myself by being crap at serving in volleyball.
  • I’d be sat with Sarah and Karen in assembly coz they’re the only people (other than Freda) who I’m sort of friends with in my form but they give off a bit of a sad image to other people so that’s not good. [I managed to give off a sad image all by myself so needn’t have worried.]

Well, actually I met up with Hayley and Jade Hancock at the bottom of the stairs and Rachael, Georgia, Lindsey Bullman etc. were waiting for them so I sat with them all in assembly.

In Geography I just sat on my own with Poppy and Karen in front of me and Dougie and Neil Kennedy behind me so I talked to them most of the lesson.

In volleyball we were being filmed which was bad but generally I managed to serve the ball quite well. In fact, I quite enjoyed it this week.

Lastly, nobody really mentioned Ewan. Well, not to me anyway.

After her Art lesson, Emma came out and said she’d been talking to Ewan. He’d said, “Is it Tess Simpson who likes me?” When she asked why, he told her that Robert Osborne had said so this morning. (Bastard!) She then told him it was me and asked him what he thought or summit. She said he said that I was alright but I’d have to talk to him. I think she might have been making that last bit up though.

Emma told me summit about Ewan that put me off him a bit today. She said that last year he had hold of Corrine Hayes’s hand and shoved it down his pants. He said he did it “to bring her out if the freezer”. [Creeeeep!] Davis told Emma that and when she asked Ewan about it in Art he didn’t deny it.

I still really, really like Ferny. I was walking towards him after school and he was looking at me so I smiled at him. He smiled back which I didn’t expect and I think he said “see ya” as well. Aah, he’s lovely but I’ve still got competition from Hayley.

No more news on Riley today.


P.S. Ewan also told Emma that she’d have been best just telling him it was me coz these things are better off in the open then something can be done. Hmm.

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