Riley said he might ask me out – 5th October 1998

Monday 5th At last break, Abby and her mate Alice both ran up to me saying they’d got summit to tell me that I’d like. I was ready to kill them coz I thought they might have been bugging either William or Ewan. It wasn’t that though.

They said that they’d been talking to Keith Cox in English and they’d been asking who Riley Howarth fancied. Riley is the lad who I thought was really fit while I was watching the World Cup in the Sports Club until I recognised him as the lad who was in my sister’s year at primary school and went to some other school. He’s gorgeous and I was saying so in front of Keith (who’s his mate) last Friday.

Anyway, Keith said it was someone they knew who he fancied and after a lot of guessing, they found out it was me. Keith had told Riley what I’d said and Riley said he might ask me out. I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone coz, according to Abby, Riley told Keith in confidence. I told Hayley though coz she half heard Abby and Alice tell me and had me gripped tightly round my arm so I had to tell her really or my hand might have dropped off.

Then Emma found out coz Chris Lewis (Riley’s mate) came up to me and said, “Do you like Riley?” I asked why and he said he’d tell me why if I told him if I liked Riley. Then Abby started shouting at me coz she thought I’d told loads of people. All the time Emma was stood next to me so I just filled her in on the details on the way home.

I want to believe it all coz Riley’s a babe but I don’t want to get my hopes up too high coz, knowing my luck, I’ll only get disappointed. I can’t see it being true really coz he’s not seen me for ages I don’t think. It’s probably either Riley joking or Keith getting the wrong idea. I s’pose it could be true but I very much doubt it.

I went to this Careers Live exhibition thing at the G-Mex today with school. I got tons of info on universities and stuff.


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