He said “see ya” to me only – 2nd & 4th October 1998

Friday 2nd I’ve had a pretty bad day really. I tripped over and sprained my ankle in netball, I dropped my full bottle of Lucozade in the toilets and it smashed and went everywhere, I didn’t have anyone to meet up with for the Murder of the Manor thing tonight (I ended up going to Hayley’s house first) and now I’m pissing Emma off.

Emma’s annoyed with me because of this Davis thing. Everyone was agreeing with me in Science today and she didn’t like that. Then tonight, she made matters worse for herself by letting Davis get really close and whisper to her. Everyone was glancing at one another about it and Freda and Lizzie came and mentioned it to me which didn’t help matters much either.

This murder mystery thing was quite good though. I was right when I said Mr L’s character was the murderer but no-one agreed with me and wrote someone else down. It was a fix anyway. The head and deputy head teachers won. It was only a bottle of wine or summit anyway.

There was this Scouse lad called Paul there too with this geek we know called Keith Cox. At first he fancied my sister’s friend May and asked her to meet him [snog him] outside. She didn’t. Then he got left with me and Hayley and I asked him if he liked May. He said he liked all of us and he was just shy. At that point, Hayley decided she fancied him.

He wasn’t bad. He’s 16, tall with brown hair and glasses and he supports Everton (sad!). I asked him if he was coming to catch up with the rest but I went elsewhere. As he was going, he said “see ya” to me only. Not to any of the others. Just me. [To be clear, he only said it to me.]


Sunday 4th I’ve got a job. It’s in the The Mossland pub, basically being a skivvy. I’ll be doing washing up and some waiting on probably but only when it gets busy. They’ll phone when I’m needed.

It’s funny that the only 2 of us (me and Ferny) who don’t drink have ended up working in pubs.


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