Freddie was all happy and weird – 1st October 1998

Thursday 1st Everyone’s been really touchy today. I don’t think I was too bad but most people were miserable about summit. I’m still pissed off with Hayley coz she’s still after William and she’s making sure everyone knows it.

Okay, I’m going to change the subject slightly now. I’ve just been on the phone to Emma and she told me something. I’d asked her why the hell Freddie etc. had started hanging round with Simon Bell. She said there was a reason but she shouldn’t tell me. So she did. She said that Bell’s been dealing and they’ve been smoking weed.

There are quite a few people involved in this. Bell, Si Grimmer and Boyd thingy have been getting the stuff off Peter Wright and people and those 3 have been dealing it to Freddie, Jez (right, that’s really put me off), Owen Kendal, Az Hart and quite a few others.

It’s been said that Ralph will probably be next to get into it. Graham and William aren’t getting involved. At least they’ve got some sense.

Emma said that she found out first when Ed pulled her over to one side and told her to pass on the message to Freddie for him to bring a tenner coz Bell had the stuff. She asked Freddie about it, of course, and he admitted it and showed her the weed he’d just got which was hardly any but enough for 10 joints.

Evidently, the other day when Freddie was all happy and weird and we thought he’d just had too many paracetamols coz he was feeling ill, he’d actually been smoking weed. Also, when he picked a fight with Davis (doh!) [Davis was about 3 times the size of all the other 15 year old lads in school.] he had been smoking it before then.

Emma’s been saying recently that she’s not been liking the way Freddie’s going lately. I didn’t realise why she said that until she explained all this. I see what she means.

I’ve got to keep my mouth shut on this one. Emma says that she wasn’t meant to know and if anyone else finds out that we know, it’ll get traced back to Freddie and he’ll get battered for it. They could all get in a lot of trouble over this if they got found out.

The difficulty for me […what with being a massive fun sponge…] is keeping my gob shut around Freddie. I think he’s bloody stupid for getting into this and I wanna tell him but I’ll get Emma into trouble if I do that and I don’t really want to have anything to do with it. I think Freddie’s gonna come off badly out of all this. It’s his own stupid fault.

Actually, I think that the people he’s getting involved with are more dangerous than what he’s inhaling. They’ll probably do him far more damage if he doesn’t watch himself.


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