Upset?! I’m bloody furious! – 30th September 1998

Wednesday 30th I am severely pissed off again. Unlike with a bad footy result, I don’t really know what the cause is. I think it’s partly coz of the miserable weather and partly to do with certain things I’ve found out (normally things that wouldn’t bother me).

For a start, Hayley told me that she definitely fancies Ferny today. She sprung it on me in Maths by saying summit like, “I’m sorry, Tess, but I do fancy Ferny. I have done for ages. I told Emma ages ago but I didn’t want it to get to you coz I thought you might be upset.”

Upset?! I’m bloody furious! She always does that, doesn’t she? She always likes him when I do and gets Lena to make sure he knows it and then she builds it all up then asks him out. If she does that again, I might not be as lucky as I was last time when she chickened out.

She knows perfectly well I like him. I’ll bet she only said that in Maths in hope that I’d cause a scene. I know she’d have liked that coz it would have made me look stupid and got her attention and sympathy and it would have made a good excuse for her to fall out with me seeing as she can’t get through life without some sort of argument going on. [That wasn’t just me being an overly dramatic teen. You had to watch what you said around Hayley. She’d take umbrage at the tiniest thing.] That’s what she probably wanted, consciously or not, so I didn’t react to it other than to smile and turn around. If I’d have shown what I was really thinking, well, I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions. I’m really going to have to try hard not to say anything involving me and William to anyone who’s likely to report back to Hayley.

Another annoying thing is that Ewan and Emma seemed to be getting on pretty well. According to her, they’d been talking all the way through Art and she’d been saying things like, “Are you going out with anyone?” and “One of my mates fancies you.” He probably thinks she likes him now. I don’t think she told him it was me.

She did find out that he split up with Grace Langley (she looks like a lad and I never knew they were going out) last weekend and he said he was depressed and he still liked her. That’s not good. He was also slagging off some people after Emma told him he had competition coz the person who likes him (me) also likes someone else (William). He said all that lot of lads were sad and:

Graham was a little shit.
Ferny he could twat any day.
Jez was a bastard coz they both fancy Grace.
Ralph just wasn’t worth mentioning. (Ha ha ha!!!)

That’s another thing. Jez fancying Grace. I was just starting to like him again as well.

Emma and Davis Nolan is yet another thing. Basically, they’re always flirting. They can’t keep their hands off each other. It’s not just me that’s noticed, most people have. Even teachers. I had a word with her about it and she got really annoyed and disagreed with me when I told her that loads of people have mentioned it. She doesn’t want to believe me and no-one else has actually said about it to her face. If it got back to Freddie or if he saw them, it could get nasty. She just won’t listen to me.


3 thoughts on “Upset?! I’m bloody furious! – 30th September 1998

  1. Putting your teenage diaries online is both a brilliant and terrible idea. A very entertaining read. 🙂


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