Been there, done that – 25th-28th September 1998

Friday 25th I went to the Sports Club tonight. It was only meant to be me, Hayley and Lindsey but when we got there, Freddie, Ed, Dougie and Emma were there. We just watched TV and played snooker until everyone but Hayley and I pissed off to wander the streets of the village in the dark. Stupid if you ask me.

Emma reckons Dougie fancies me coz on the phone to her, he kept asking if I was going and then why I wasn’t going to Ed’s. She said that at Ed’s he suggested going to the Sports Club coz Emma had told him that I was in there after he’d asked. Hmmm… I’m not so sure myself. She said he kept looking at me too.

Then after most people went, Gethin Turner and Brian Short started talking to me and Hayley. They’re both really sad and Greg is so gay. Really, he is. Hayley thought he liked me but, as I said, I think he’s gay so it’s pretty unlikely.

Emma said that Connor phoned her today and she said he said to bring me on Sunday coz Navid wants to meet me coz he’s given up on Suzanna. Connor’s told him I’m alright according to Emma. From what she’s said though, he sounds pretty minging. I’ll have to wait and see.


Sunday 27th We had a recording session (hey, that sounds good!) with the Swing Band today in he Drama Studio at school for our new CD. It took hours but it should be good.

I think I was starting to fancy Dougie again today. I’m not so sure now. It think it was probably more to do with the fact that there was nobody else that I vaguely fancied there and that I thought there was a slight possibility that he liked me. I don’t know now, I think he likes this Nicola girl and Sophie Rowling.

Anyway, I’m going to try not to let myself like him too much. Been there, done that. Not much else to say really so…


Monday 28th Grrr! Ben McFarlane’s got a girlfriend. Rhian was telling me on the phone that she saw him and this Sarah holding hands. Bugger! I s’pose I can’t expect him to stay single forever.

I was talking to Jez in Geography today. We had a room change so he and Graham Baxter were sat in front of me and Lizzie. He was just talking to me about stupid things like what we’d be doing in P.E. next and when I was going to need the Sports Hall or gym for my project.

He’s also got some ice hockey match on TV sometime on Sky Sports 3. I can’t remember when he said it was but he’s number 83 (I think) and it’s got Greenhalgh written on his shirt anyway.

I think I’m starting to fancy him again too. NOOO! Control yourself, Tess!

P.S. Ferny’s even more gorgeous now. He’s shaved off his horrible furry sidey bits and his face is much smoother. Luverly!

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