He spoke to me today. Well, he said, “Cheers” – 23rd & 24th September 1998

Wednesday 23rd I’ve not written for a while coz absolutely nothing of any interest whatsoever has happened.

I’ll just give an update on who everyone fancies:

Emma – Freddie, Charlie Wilson
Hayley – Dougie, Ferny
Rachael – Graham Baxter
Me – Ferny, Ewan Swann
Ed – Sophie Rowling (Year 10)
Dougie – Sophie Rowling
Davis – Anything in a skirt

Our lot of girls and their lot of lads have all started hanging round a bit more again. In C Block this time. This lunch we were in the Music rooms and Ferny/William (whatever you wanna call him) came in with Graham and a Pringles packet. They gave it to Ralph and eventually told him that there was a wasp in it.

I saw a dead cat at the edge of the road this morning. Even though it was black, I started to remember Cleo. I do sometimes still expect her to walk in and sit on my homework and stuff. I had a good cry the other week about her too. It was such a shame.


Thursday 24th Sorry about the writing but I’ve got wet nail varnish on and I can’t hold the pen how I normally do coz it’ll go everywhere.

We’re meant to be going to the cinema tomorrow to see Saving Private Ryan. I can’t see it happening myself. It never does go how we want it to. Ferny said he’d come, that’s why I don’t want to think too positively coz I’ll just be disappointed. Emma and Freddie think he fancies Lena anyway. Great! NOT!

He spoke to me today. Well, he said, “Cheers” coz he thought I was holding the door open for him when actually I was just leaning on it talking to Ralph before he walked off. He was in C Block at lunch too but didn’t pay me much attention then.

I really like Cameron. He’s just so sweet and he keeps stopping and talking to me. He’s someone else I speak to in Art as well when Bella’s not in.


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