My mum seems to think I’m boy-crazy – 15th September 1998

Tuesday 15th My mum seems to think I’m boy-crazy or summit. Every time I’m on the phone for longer than 10 minutes she thinks that’s what I’ve been talking about. It’s not usually either. [It was and the rest of this entry pretty much proves Mum right.]

Emma and I did mention boys’ names because we were talking about Ralph getting stuff nicked from his blazer, Ed thinking he was gonna get twatted [beaten up] coz of some joke Dougie played on him and then we were talking about reincarnation and what our mates could possibly have been in former lives. Like William being a bird or Ralph being an orang utan.

Honestly, I dunno if she talked about lads constantly during that time long, long ago when she was 15 or what coz she’s picked this idea up from somewhere that I do.

Okay, yes I do talk about them but most of it isn’t who fancies who and stuff like that. Some of it is but not too often. I write about it in here, yes, but no-one’s meant to read it and anyway, it’s mostly just things that have been said about me to lads and stuff that is worrying me. If girls were talking about me then I’d write that down too.

Right, what I’m going to write now is what would make Mum think she was right.

As William walked past us today, Hayley said very loudly, “Look Tess, there’s Ferny!” He must have heard coz he wasn’t that far away. Then, to add to that later on, Lena asked him what he thought of me or if he liked me or summit when they were in Spanish. I don’t know what the answer was but I don’t think it was a good one coz (before I found out Lena had said this) Hayley said to me, “Do you like William then?” I said no to shut her up and she said, “Oh well, it’s just as well really.”

After she said that I knew summit had been said coz earlier on, Ralph had said, “So, do you still like Ferny, Tess?” I told him where to go at the time but then I wished I’d asked him why he asked. He wasn’t there when Hayley yelled at break as Ferny walked past, you see, so I started to wonder what had brought it all up again. I asked Hayley if she’d said summit to Ralph and she and Lena told me that they’d said to William that I really liked him etc. in Spanish and Ralph was there too.

I walked into Ewan today (nearly). I wasn’t watching and I turned round and he was right in front of me. It probably looked deliberate!

I was having a morbid conversation with Cameron in Art today. We keep getting onto the subject of death and it ends up as quite an interesting conversation coz everyone has their own opinions about what happens after and stuff.

Our Year 7 Bleep Test thing got messed up again today coz the gym was double booked and Johnny Doherty wouldn’t go outside when he could’ve done so we’ll have to do it on Thursday instead.

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