I was a secret shooter – 11th & 14th September 1998

Monday 11th I saw Ewan on the minibus 1st thing this morning but after that I didn’t see him all day because he’s going his silver Duke of Edinburgh this weekend and they started off today.

William [Ferny – I don’t know why I kept switching between nickname and full first name.] looked gorgeous when he came out of the lads’ changing rooms after P.E. He’s been playing football and his hair was all over the place. He looked so nice with his messy hair and pink cheeks. Jim did too. He’d been doing footy too and was all pink. Lovely!

I’d been doing netball and out team won 8-6. I was in Goal Shooter which I’m not normally and I discovered I wasn’t too bad at it. I scored half the goals. Everyone thought I was really good and Mrs O kept saying that I was a secret shooter coz I’d never really done that before. Pretty good, hey?


Monday 14th Yet another boring day at school to follow a really, really boring weekend. Emma was working at the garden centre from 9am – 6pm, Rach was at their caravan in Wales and Hayley, well, she was either working in the flower shop or at the Sports Club.

Emma was asking Freddie sometime on the phone about William and whether he liked me. Freddie said that he did but just as a friend. Never mind.

Emma said she was also asking Freddie who he thought was pretty, alright and horrible. She named people and he said what he thought. He said he thought Hayley was horrid coz she’s all pasty and white! She said he said I was alright but not his type.

I phoned Emma on Saturday night and was winding her up by asking her if she fancied Robert Osborne. She put Freddie on and he was asking what I’d been saying. I wouldn’t tell him so Emma came back on to try and get rid of me. She told me that after I’d gone she said to Freddie, “Does she not annoy you?” and he said, “No, not really.” So now she’s saying I have to tell her if he makes a move on me! Yeah right! I got a nice smile off him today though.

When I walked into C Block this morning I’m pretty sure I caught William looking at me. He was probably wondering what I was doing. Either that or Freddie’s told him what Emma was asking about. Oh yeah, another thing about that conversation. Emma asked Freddie how come William and I were getting on so well in Austria and Freddie said he didn’t now and that Ferny doesn’t tell him everything, he keeps his emotions pretty much hidden.

Ewan was definitely looking at me when I walked into Geography. I wish my mates and I weren’t sat in front of him coz I had to stop myself from turning round to see if he was still doing it.

Ahh, Cameron Anderson’s so sweet. He’s just so innocent. He keeps saying hi to me and Rach and stopped to talk to us at lunch.


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