I got asked out by a Year 9 – 10th September 1998

Thursday 10th Why can’t William [Ferny] like me too, hey? It’s so annoying! He was on the back seat of the bus with Freddie and Graham and they all waved to us on the way home. Emma and I waved back and some other lad made an obscene gesture to us (probably at Emma coz Freddie thumped him) and Ferny was turned round looking at us until the bus was out of sight. He’s so gorgeous. Actually, he’s not really but there’s summit about him that makes me like him.

Lena was telling me this morning that William said he wouldn’t smoke coz he doesn’t want to die early and coz he’s got his career planned out. Good reason – same as mine (well, not the career bit).

All of them were in the gym whilst Jen and I were doing the Bleep Test with the Year 7s at lunch, except Ralph. Nobody likes him much and his mates reckon he’ll get twatted [beaten up] by the end of the week because he’s pissing the whole form off. He keeps going on about FT5K [Feed The Five Thousand – A chain of sandwich shops.], the fact he smokes (including cigars!) and that he’s obsessed with Jack Daniels which he drinks on his own. Sad boy!

I got asked out by a Year 9 today on my way home. This lad at the bus stop came up to me and said, “Will you go out wiv my mate? He fancies the fuck out of you.” I nearly laughed and said no. The lad who he’d pointed at was looking very embarrassed and I don’t think that me smirking helped very much.

I keep seeing Ewan. Everywhere I go he seems to be there. He probably thinks I’m stalking him, that’s why he keeps looking at me probably!

Lola Fearnley (William’s sister) seems to be everywhere as well. She’s haunting me! Ever since Hayley told her that I fancied her brother 3 weeks before we went to Austria, I seem to keep seeing her.

Emma and Freddie aren’t ignoring each other as much as they were. Emma’s convinced herself that nowt happened with Martha. I’m still not sure about it. I guess we’ll never know.


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