That Rupert Murdoch turd-of-a-bloke – 8th & 9th September 1998

Tuesday 8th [PRE-WARNING! Boring football rant ahead.] WARNING! Strong language is likely to be used in today’s entry.

I don’t believe it! That Rupert Murdoch turd-of-a-bloke has only gone and bought Man United. Why? That’s what I wanna know. Why did they wanna let a rich git like him ruin a top club like Man Utd? Coz that’s what he’ll do. He and BSkyB now have full control of the club. £5,750,000 he paid for ‘em and now he’ll turn ‘em around so they’ll be worth zilch. Prick!

Oh, and they didn’t think to find out the fans opinion on this deal. No, that’s coz they knew what we’d say to Rupert and his chums. FUCK OFF! Sorry but it’s true. Bastard!

Are these people at Man Utd thick? They bloody must be! Have they not seen what O Bastard One [What?] did to the LA Dodgers baseball team? He changed them from their traditional white strip to blue. He’ll probably have the players of Man U parading about in yellow or summit. According to the papers, he got rid of the Dodgers best players coz it was too expensive or summit. So it’ll be goodbye to Dave Beckham, Giggsy, Keane and most of the bloody team then!

Mind you, my mum’s just pointed out that, even if all the fans do turn against him, she says they’ll still watch so he’ll still have won. She also said that Alex Ferguson might not like it but he won’t quit coz he’ll get even richer than he is already and same goes for the players.

That’s it, I’m sticking with my dad and supporting Bolton Wanderers. Man Utd’ll be off in some new superleague before we know it and will be out of English football altogether. Bolton may not be as good and may be in Division 1 but at least they’re not greedy power freaks, although that’s not to say they would turn down an offer of £5,750,000 if it came their way but I’ll stick with ‘em anyway.

I am really upset. I was honestly nearly in tears before. I got that wound up about it.

I’m gonna go now and think.


Wednesday 9th It don’t really know what I can write about coz not a lot’s happened today. Hang on, I don’t like this pen much. 

That’s a bit better. Rach and I got the Year 7s together for our P.E. coursework and that’s about it.

Ralph and Freddie etc. were trying to push Ferny into the girls toilets for some reason at break. He didn’t go in. I’m sure he keeps looking at me but it’s probably either my imagination or he’s noticed me looking at him.

I think Ewan Swann thinks I fancy him. (That swotty git got 60/60 in his Geog. Coursework and Dougie got 59/60.) Every time I go past, he glances at me. He’s alright I s’pose but I prefer William [Ferny].


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