Ralph went an even deeper shade of purple than usual – 3rd September 1998

Thursday 3rd It was the first day back at school today and, my God, there’s trouble.

It’s mostly between Emma, Ralph and Freddie. Basically:

  • Freddie’s annoyed with Emma and Ralph.
  • But Ralph’s been joining in with Ferny, Graham and Freddie whilst they were slagging off Emma so she’s annoyed with Ralph.
  • Freddie’s annoyed with Ralph coz he’s supposed to be his mate and he still snogged Emma.
  • Freddie’s annoyed with Emma coz he reckons she’s a slapper.
  • Now Ralph and Emma are sticking up for each other except when Ralph’s with his mates coz they don’t particularly like him anyway (not really surprising, is it?!) and he’s in fear of losing them so he’s slagging Emma off with then.

I know I’m meant to be Emma’s mate and all but, with this one, I think I’m gonna have to stick with Freddie. It’s not entirely Emma and Ralph’s fault but I can see why Freddie’s so pissed off. I think he’s annoyed because, mainly, he still isn’t over Emma. It’s hardly been any time at all since they split up (and that was more one-sided from Emma) and since then she’s been with [snogged] about 4 or 5 lads, one of which was Ralph.

Freddie also went with a few people and Martha but I think that he was just doing it to try and find someone else who he liked so that he could forget about Emma. He knew that she didn’t like him anymore so he didn’t really have anything to lose by going with other girls. But when Emma went with other lads he got jealous and he knew that he still liked her so he probably thought it was shady (which it was) of her to be snogging all these lads in front of him.

I think he was more annoyed about Ralph than anyone… hang on… Emma’s on the phone… she may have news on Freddie…

Okay, so I can stop the analysis on Freddie now coz Emma’s going out with him again. She took my advice and phoned him to find out what the hell’s going on with him. They argued for a bit and then ended up calming down, talking about their feelings and now they’re going out.

I don’t like to say this but, in a way, I’m a bit disappointed coz I think I was starting to like Freddie even though I didn’t really want to. Well, maybe this’ll stop me.

There is a good side though. Ferny! We can all hang round in T Block with him now. Even though I have no chance with him, I can hope.

Ralph hates me and he yelled it out in front of everyone that he wanted me to die and I was never to speak to him, look at him or even think about him. (Believe me, I try not to. Being sick isn’t very nice at all!) He’ll bloody die if he says owt like that again coz I’ll bloody kill him! Bastard!

Ha ha! Ralph got into a minor fight today with a Year 9 who asked about Ralph’s sad shoes which he had last year. They had each other round the throat and the lad head-butted Ralph and Ralph went an even deeper shade of purple than usual!

Graham’s been calling Emma a whale! I laughed when she told me. I dunno why really coz it’s snidey. It’s not half funny though!


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