I don’t know what’s so special about Emma – 31st August & 1st September 1998

Monday 31st I went to town today with Emma. At the bus stop here, Emma was telling me that Freddie turned up at her house this morning and the truth came out about him and Martha. He did do it with her. He said that they were just kissing and they fell on the couch. I’m really annoyed about that coz he’d been saying all night about how he wanted to get back with Emma etc.

She was also telling me that she and Suzanna rang Charlie Wilson yesterday and he was going on about some girl. Now she’s decided she doesn’t like anyone. I asked her who was a possibility and she said Ferny. Oh great, cheers Emma. She said she doesn’t actually like him now but she might sometime. I’ll have to try and put her off him somehow.

We got to town and eventually found Suzanna. We went back to her house and didn’t really do much. We’d been trying to get through to Connor but it was engaged and Navid was ill. Connor eventually turned up at Suzanna’s and said he’d been on the internet which was why it was engaged.

Connor’s tallish with black hair and 2 earrings in one ear. I don’t like earrings on lads. He was quite quiet and kept walking ahead on the way back to the bus station in town. He’s 16 I think.

I had a phone call from Emma tonight. Connor had been on the phone to her and he said he liked her and he was going to ask her out but he was too shy. She’s got to ring him tomorrow. She’ll probably say yes if he asks her.

I don’t understand what’s so good about Emma and why people keep asking her out. What’s wrong with me? Why is it that the only lad who has really fancied me recently is Ralph and that was only coz I used to be nice to him and he’s desperate. I don’t know what’s so special about Emma. Maybe they all think she’ll go with them and stuff coz they’ve heard she’s a slapper or summit.


P.S. I want Ferny!

Tuesday 1st Emma’s going out with Connor now. I persuaded her to say yes if he asked her with my main motive being to keep her off Ferny.

She phoned him and I asked him if he was gonna ask her out and he went all shy and got me to do it for him. Emma thought about it for a few seconds and I was sat there nodding at her and she decided to say yes. He just went “cool” and I put Emma back on the phone again.

Great, so now I’ll end up on my bill if I go to town with her again. Fun! (NOT!) Nobody fancies me at the moment as far as I know and I’m going back to school in a day’s time so I’ll just be wishing I was with Ferny then. That’s not gonna cheer me up very much.

I’ve also got a pile of coursework and one day to do it in. I’ll just have to do the most important bits first and hope that I don’t have Food Tech, Art or P.E. on Thursday or Friday.


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