Freddie kissed me – 27th August 1998

Thursday 27th Freddie kissed me. Not properly. It was on the cheek and it was a dare. I don’t think he minded though and I didn’t.

We were on our way back to Emma’s house and decided to play truth or dare. I refused to do it coz I know how sick they can be. Ralph was being awkward about his dare to do a cartwheel so Emma said we’d change it and that Freddie could change his dare if he wanted to which was to kiss me on the cheek. He just said, “No!” and wouldn’t get it changed.

We stopped at the gateway outside the primary school and Ralph did his cartwheel (well, he tried) on the grass. When he was done, he and Emma were saying, “Right, Freddie, you’ve got to do your dare now.”

For some reason, Ralph and Emma grabbed hold of me, I think to try and keep me still. I wasn’t planning on beating him off [To clarify, I meant fighting him off.] or anything. I kicked Ralph away but Emma still had hold of my wrists. Freddie told them to let go of me. I moved, Freddie stood on my right hand side and said, “I’m not gonna bite” or summit. I said, “I know” and he pecked me on the cheek.

I think Emma wished she hadn’t allocated that dare to Freddie coz she fancies him again and I don’t think she expected him to do it actually.

Ralph’s scared of spiders. I had a dead one on the end of a stick and he ran off. He’s so soft.

He and Freddie now think I fancy Jim Brackenhurst. They know I like Ferny and now they think I like Jim too. I said summit to Ralph about wanting a quadbike and I said about Jim having one and now he reckons I like him. I was only joking when I said I did.

The 2 of ‘em kept taking the piss out if Ferny then apologising to me. Like today, they were saying they thought Ferny’d end up flying a Tornado and then they said, “Well, he’d probably bang his knee and complain and lose control” or summit. I s’pose it’s only like me taking the piss out of Hayley being soft and stuff when she’s not there. It doesn’t mean I’m not friends with her. Well, I like Ferny even if they don’t.

I buried Tizzy today by the shed.  She just looks asleep but a bit stiffer than usual. Poor Tiz, I hope she’s peaceful now.

Auntie G and Grandma S also came round today. I might see them again at some point this holiday.


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