Flirting her way along until she finally gets him – 26th August 1998

[Bonjour from 2016.

I was informed on Friday that the date of this diary entry is the day Meg from charliiandmeg was born. Happy sort-of birthday to Meg! (…Who may well be the reincarnation of my hamster.)

Tess x]

Wednesday 26th Tizzy my hamster has died. I was expecting it though coz she was pretty old for a hamster and she has been very sleepy recently and shaky if she got up. I think she must have just died in her sleep of old age. I’m gonna miss her. My room will be so quiet at night without her rustling about in the corner. I’ll have to bury her tomorrow.

I think Emma fancies Ferny. That’s not good. The way she’s been recently, she won’t care about anyone else (me) and will probably just go after him, flirting her way along until she finally gets him. Knowing my luck she’ll probably be successful.

We were just sat here in my room, she was on my inflatable chair and I was sat on the floor, expecting it to burst any second under her weight from seeing the way it was bulging, and she just suddenly came out with, “I’ve just had a disturbing thought.”

Of course, she wanted me to ask what and I did. Then she said summit like, “You won’t like it very much.” I could see she wanted to tell me and I wanted to know. I guessed it’d be Ferny and she said, “You’ll have to stop talking about him, I’m starting to fancy him.”

I hope she was winding me up but I wouldn’t put it past her to be serious coz she’s said before whilst going out with Freddie that she could fancy Ferny coz he has a sexy squint. Now there’s nothing to stop her trying to get him coz she’s broken up with Freddie.

She’ll probably say she was winding me up if she realises I’m annoyed. She may well have been but, like I said before, I wouldn’t put it past her to be serious. She wouldn’t have said it if she didn’t want to let me know.

Even if she doesn’t like him now, what she’s said and what I’ve been saying about him might get her thinking about him and she might decide she does like him after all. She doesn’t actually like anyone else in school other that Charlie and she’s convinced herself he hates her so she’ll probably try not to like him now.


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