Emma’s mum trusts me – 25th August 1998

Tuesday 25th Adam was talking to me tonight. He said he’d tell me when he would phone. He also wants me to write to him but I dunno if it’s a good idea coz it’d mean giving him my address and I can’t not put it on like Abby suggested coz it’s just pointless writing in the first place then. I’m putting it off as long as possible and maybe he’ll forget about it.

I mean, I’ve got his name, address, phone number and picture so it’d be daft of him to get me or summit but it’s in the future when he still has it that worries me. I’ll have to see.

Emma was moaning to me again. It was mostly about Charlie Wilson, Howler and this Jaffa lad. She thinks Charlie hates her now coz he was obviously trying to get rid of her on the phone today. She thinks Howler hates her too coz she won’t go out with him and this has confused him coz she went with him at Suzanna’s. This Jaffa person, well, she’s not really moaning but she just keeps telling me how gorgeous he is. She snogged him to on the same night as Howler. Slapper. She was pissed though. That’s becoming a habit for her.

I’m getting confused with this town lot. The ones I’ve heard about are:

Howler (Rob Howlett)
Daz O’Brien
Some Connor lad
Jaffa (Jack Fairhurst I think he’s really called)
And… er… I think that’s it actually.

Emma had a phone call off Navid today. He wanted her to go to town today but she didn’t. She says she’s going on Monday instead. That gives her plenty of time to make up an excuse. If she does go, I think I might go with her coz she said it’s just this Connor and Navid she’s meeting there. She says Navid’s nice. I think she means his personality.

According to her, they all want to see me coz they want to see what I look like. I wanna see what they look like too but I still don’t particularly want to go. I think they’re all short anyway.

Emma’s mum trusts me. She was telling my mum today. She’s realised I’m sensible. I dunno whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing. It’s good that I’m seen by adults to be trustworthy and it means I’m not hated by her parents and if I go somewhere they’re not too happy about, it means they’ll probably let Emma go too. That’s an advantage for Emma as well.

The bad side is that if anyone else my age realised that I’m trusted by peoples’ parents, it gives out a bit of a sad image. It suggests that I have no fun and that all I do is stay at home and study therefore I am a good influence on my mates.

Oh so what? I know I’m not like that. Or am I? I bloody well hope not! [I was like that.]


3 thoughts on “Emma’s mum trusts me – 25th August 1998

  1. I love your blog! It’s really inspirational to see you’ve been writing for so long! Weird to think that was the day before I was born!


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