Emma’s just turning into a drunken slapper – 24th August 1998

Monday 24th I think I’ve cheered up a bit since my last entry although I still don’t like the way my friends are going. Ralph and Freddie are obsessed with drinking and they’ve recently started smoking again. Emma’s just turning into a drunken slapper. She goes out, gets drunk and starts snogging anyone. They’ve all changed and I don’t think I have. I s’pose at least it gives ‘em summit to talk about.

Adam finally sent me his photo. He’s nothing like I expected. Considering it’s a passport photo, he’s not bad. He’s not drop dead gorgeous or anything though either. He’s got nice eyes. Maybe it is just a bad photo. He did warn me. He’s still got a really nice voice though.

We’re not going to Alton Towers now but we’ll probably go one day. We’re going to the cinema now instead. There’s quite a few people going and Jade Hancock’s in the process of asking Ferny. According to her, he won’t ever be cycling home coz he can’t stand Ralph. That’s summit we have in common!

I went to the next village with Emma, Ralph and Freddie tonight. Ralph fancies Emma. I managed to push him off the back of a bench. Ha ha! I actually think I annoy Ralph and Freddie quite a bit although I can’t say I’m surprised coz I don’t go out of my way to be nice, especially to Ralph.

Emma wants me to go with her to town to see these other lads, Connor and Navid. I dunno if I want to. I’ll see how I feel about it in the morning.


P.S. Emma was moaning to me about Charlie Wilson not liking her. At least she’s been with him. Ferny probably doesn’t even know I exist. Oh no! I’m starting to sound like Hayley!

Well, actually he does know I exist but he doesn’t like me. It’s so annoying. Why is it that the only lad who’s really liked me recently is Ralph? Why doesn’t anyone nice who I really fancy fancy me? It’s so unfair.

Emma reckons that if Ferny was going to like or go out with anyone out of our lot, it’d be me. Yeah right. Think of all the other people he could fancy. Why does it have to be someone he hangs round with? He probably doesn’t even like anyone at all unless they’re a ski instructor in Austria called Petra. (Is that not the name of a fish food?) [He loved Petra so I obviously hated Petra.]

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