Emma and Freddie have split up – 19th & 20th August 1998

Wednesday 19th Oh dear. Emma and Freddie have split up. It’s been coming for a while really. She said it was mutual but it sounds to me like it’s not really what Freddie wanted. Hopefully they should stay mates even though there’s bound to be awkwardness between them.

Evidently Freddie thinks Ralph fancies Emma and I wouldn’t actually be that surprised if he did coz they do get on pretty well and Ralph’s pretty desperate!

I’m gonna have to try and get on with those two now instead of winding them up and irritating them beyond belief. It’s gonna be hard, I tell you! They don’t particularly like me at the moment and I don’t know how to control my mouth when it comes to them.

Poor Freddie! I feel sorry for him. Emma’s been asked out by this Howler lad from last night and he says his mate Daz O’Brien fancies her too. All Freddie’s got is Gina Black. See why I feel sorry for him?!


Thursday 20th P. [Period. That’s what was wrong with me.]

Howler asked Emma out. She gave him a little speech (which I made up for her) about how it was only 24 hours since the split with Freddie and how she was still getting over it… blah, blah, blah… etc. It did the trick though and he seemed to understand. I know coz we did a 3-way call so I could listen in. I really only wanted to hear his voice. Emma’s right about it being nice (he’s from town) but she’s wrong about him sounding like Jez Greenhalgh.

I was sick twice today. I dunno why coz I was alright later, just a bit dizzy and light-headed.

I got an inflatable yellow chair for my room. It’s so cool and comfy but I had to blow it up!


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