Freddie had a pack of fags in his pocket – 16th August 1998

Sunday 16th Emma’s got a kitten called Jasmine. She’s so cute. Not as cute as Gismo or Lucky but almost.

Ralph and Freddie turned up at Emma’s too. She knew they were going to but neither of us wanted to be stuck with them all day and we’d also arranged to go to the Sports Club with Hayley so we hid in the field until they’d gone.

We’d almost reached the Sports Club when they both cycled round the corner. We couldn’t get away. I didn’t want to see Ralph so I tried not to look at him coz I thought the mingingness of him might overpower the gorgeousness of Finn, Ben Mc, Ferny and all the other fit lads in Scotland put together! It didn’t. I can still picture them. I have to stop myself puking at the sight of that greasy, white, lanky, strange-smelling boy! YUK! (Think Ferny, Tess, think Ferny.) [This is too much of a turnaround in the space a month. I suspect this was an attempt to counteract the secret luuurve I still harboured for him.]

We escaped the Sports Club and saw Hayley equipt with Liverpool replica shirt and tracksuit. Typical Scouser, hey!

We left there and we were on our way back to Emma’s and we discovered Ralph and Freddie in a bus shelter together. Ralph had said to Emma that my cousin Rhian sounded sexy (the accent I think) so I showed him a Björk-style photo of her. Ha ha, sorry Rhian! [Rhian looked a bit like Björk.]

I wanted to get away from Ralph but they followed us. Then we discovered Freddie had a pack of fags in his pocket. They’ve both been smoking for a couple of days (although Freddie’s done it in the past). Somehow, Emma managed to get them off Freddie and she shredded them. Nice one, Thornley!

I don’t see the need in them smoking at all. I mean, are they trying to be hard or summit? If you ask me, it’s pretty sad. I dunno what they’re playing at but they’d best not expect me to hang round with them if they’re gonna start fagging it. It’s disgusting! They stink too. Ralph’s even worse now. Is he trying to make me feel ill? (Think Finn, think Finn.)

Adam didn’t send me that picture. Oh well, maybe I’ll never see it.


P.S. I’m missing Wick. At the moment, if I had giant scales, what’s in Wick would be outweighing here.

P.P.S. I forgot to mention before that Ben McFarlane got Bs and Cs in his exams and he’s not pleased coz his bro got As. He’s gonna join the RAF too. I’m losing everyone to the bleeding RAF. Well, 2 people. Ferny and Ben. Maybe I should join. Do you reckon they have physiotherapists in it? Oh well, I can always find out.

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