We made a homemade Ouija board – 8th-14th August 1998

Saturday 8th While we were waiting for Auntie S and my cousins to get home, we took Mollie to Reiss Beach. I like it there.

Finally they arrived back. Tom wouldn’t stop hugging me. He can be so sweet and he can be such a pain!


Sunday 9th I slept a lot coz Rhian, Abby and I were talking all night. When I finally did get up, the 3 of us went for a walk in the town. We called on Rhian’s mate Catherine but she wasn’t in.

We then went to a phone box. For some reason I rang Ralph then Rhian rang Ross (a mate of hers off AOL) then I rang Emma and Abby rang May. None of them had much to say.

I saw Ben McFarlane today. He’s as gorgeous as ever but was with some girl. They said hi and Rhian said it’s not his girlfriend.

Adam (ARC33) luvs me. He said that today. (Online so he probably didn’t mean it!)


Monday 10th I saw Ben twice. The 1st time he smiled and said hi. The 2nd time he was following us and Abby and Rhian were going, “Tess, look!” very loudly. He heard and gave us a funny look according to Rhian.

Catherine came to my cousins’ house. She’s okay actually. Better than Clementine Catt.


Tuesday 11th Abby, Catherine, Rhian and I went horse riding at Achalone Activities in Halkirk. In the morning we had to tack up and we rode round the fields. Then in the afternoon we went in the sandbox for a lesson. There were us 4 and a girl called Ashley in our group. All he horses were nice. I was with Donna, Abby had Jack, Rhian had Big Tramp, Catherine had Mel and Ashley was on Chiefy.

There were other people about at the stables including this lad playing rugby who looked a lot like Robert Osborne.

In the evening we went on the computer, chatted to Adam and arranged to phone him tomorrow. He has two numbers.

01583 ****** → computer
01583 ****** → house

Later on we made a homemade Ouija board and tested it out in the upstairs toilet. Nowt happened. [Is it any wonder? If I was a ghost, the toilet would be the last room in the house that I’d choose to haunt.]


Wednesday 12th As we’d enjoyed it so much the 1st time, we went riding again but only for an hour this time. I had Donna again (she’s only 6), Abby had Jack again, Rhian had Sam and Catherine had Jess. This time we just trekked round the fields.

I phoned Adam. He has got such a nice voice on the phone. I can’t really remember what we talked about. I found out he wears glasses sometimes and we were deciding whether we should meet up or not. I doubt we will.

I gave him my phone number which was probably stupid but it’s too late now. Mind you, why should he be an axe murderer or summit? I’m not and I go online. Rhian got a message from him saying he wanted to say, “luv ya” etc. but it seemed inappropriate.


Thursday 13th We rang Adam again. I gave him my surname, stupid me. He can find it in a phonebook and get my address. I s’pose he doesn’t know much about me and he’s told me everything. Well, I’ve made Abby and Rhian write down his address so they can give it to the police if I go missing.

The photo I took of Finn on work experience came out. If I can get it, I’ll stick it in.

We went to The Portland Arms for tea. Great pudding trolley!



Well, that’s what happened on holiday. I’m missing them all and I wanna go back to Wick.


Saturday 14th I’m home again now and bored. We left Dunkeld quite late coz we went in the Discovery shop 1st. There were these 2 English lads in there with 2 women (mums probably) and one was very nice. I kept looking at him and he was already watching me so we both sort of glanced elsewhere very quickly. He was really nice, tall, floppy blonde hair and blue eyes and he was looking at me. Why are there no nice lads here that take an interest in me, hey? It’s so unfair.

Adam said he’d send me a passport photo but he’s doing it tomorrow now. It’s cruel making me wait and I bet he doesn’t even do it. I sent him one of me (it had Emma on it too and it made me look good next to her but small) and he said I looked cute! [That wasn’t as bitchy as it seems – she was pulling a face on the photo I sent.] I’m not sure how to take that. He probably thinks I’m really short now.

[I sent Adam this one.]

[I sent Adam this one.]


P.S. Adam wants to be an accountant. Boring!

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