That hair dye made him look mouldy – 23rd-25th July 1998

Thursday 23rd We went to the cinema tonight to see Godzilla. We phoned Ferny this morning and asked if he was coming. He said he would. He said he didn’t like Hayley coz she is a Scouser and that he didn’t mind if she came as long as she didn’t sit next to him. I was pleased about that.

We phoned Hayley but there was nobody in and we couldn’t get hold of Ralph either.

We got to the cinema and only Ralph and Freddie came so Rach and I were depressed. We phoned Graham and there was no answer. We then rang Ferny and he was at home having his tea.

Godzilla was quite a good film, well, I thought so anyway. Ralph was on the other side of Rach to me and when she moved, he tried to sit next to me but she moved him back.

I’m really annoyed about Ferny and who knows what happened to Graham. I bet he was swimming actually.


Friday 24th I went to town this morning and got an Adidas swimming cossie for Paris then Emma came here this afternoon and we went to Rach’s. From there, we phoned Graham to find out why he didn’t come. He said he was half way there and the car broke down and they’re not a member of the AA or anything so they had to ring someone to get them home. He said he did ring the cinema and described Rach and Ralph to them so they could tell us but we’d already bought the tickets and gone in. I think I believe him.

We then did a 3-way call to Ferny and he said he’d missed the train and only had 15 minutes to get ready so he didn’t bother coming. He’s going away this evening too for a week and he’ll see the Queen or summit.

Ralph’s asked us to go to this music festival thing in Manchester tomorrow. I went last year I think and it was dead good. I just happened to be there on the same day but I missed all the bands. My mum’s going to let me go tomorrow, I think.


Saturday 25th I did go to Manchester. It wasn’t what I thought it was so we only went for about three quarters of an hour. It was crap.

We wandered round looking for blue hair dye for Freddie and then Ralph got some turquoise stuff. Freddie’s was nice, Ralph’s was mingin’. We went to Freddie’s house to do it. Emma did it for them coz they wouldn’t let me anywhere near their heads with dye for some reason. I can’t think why. Freddie’s looked quite good, Ralph’s didn’t and his washed out.

Freddie’s older brother is gorgeous and his little brother is funny but I can imagine him being an annoying little shit sometimes.

Ralph makes me feel really sick when I see him. I dunno what it is but the thought of going out with him really does make my stomach turn. His trousers were to short today. That hair dye made him look mouldy too.

I’m quite glad I didn’t go out with him now. I think I would’ve been physically sick . I must prefer him over the phone when I can’t see him. [Oof, harsh.] Nearly every time I look at him hard I have to turn away and think about Finn or Ferny or other nice things. I know it’s tight but as long as he doesn’t read this it shouldn’t matter.


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