It’s unfair that we are not paid for being someone’s slave for 2 weeks – 13th & 14th July 1998

Monday 13th Even though I don’t particularly like Miss C, I like the kids. I got a picture off Leanne D today.

I thought it was really sweet.

I got a big hug off Michael A too when he came in after playtime. Stacey is also in the process of doing me a picture. Lewis keeps asking me to say Llanfair PG etc. coz I had to pronounce it for the class last week and he and Paul L are fascinated by it.

Emma and Freddie have fallen out slightly. When they went to Warrington, the subject of Austria got brought up and they had some disagreement over something about it. Emma had already been told one thing and Freddie told her another. It was summit to do with Simon Bell fancying Emma and Freddie being rejected by her. I wasn’t really following.


P.S. My dad’s brill! He’s paying me £80 a week for doing work experience coz he things it’s unfair that we are not paid for being someone’s slave for 2 weeks. He says it is all part of work, earning money. I like his view on it – a lot!

[He even made me weekly payslips!]


Tuesday 14th There was another lad at Longford today. He was doing rugby with some older kids. He smiled at me but that was it coz he wasn’t there long. He wasn’t bad but wasn’t as nice as Finn.

Hayley and I went in the Sports Club tonight in hope of seeing Finn but there was hardly anyone in there so we left there disappointed.

I got another picture off Stacey today. I’ve no idea what it’s meant to be but it’s a nice thought!

[Any ideas?!]


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