I accidentally (NOT!) knocked into Finn – 7th July 1998

Tuesday 7th I had a much better day at Longford today. I could just wear scruffy clothes coz I was helping the artist and kids with a mosaic. It looks really good so far. I helped two littler ones, Jake and Misha. They were really cute but needed a lot of help coz they had a centipede to do which stretched over 3 flagstones.

There was this bloke called Alan C helping. At one point he came up to me and said, “Are you Tess Simpson? Because Susan recognised you. Is your mum a teacher?” It took me a while to twig who it was and who Susan was but then I realised it was one of the kids and I realised that he was her dad. I then remembered that she used to go to Mum’s school and that’s why I thought I recognised her when she smiled at me first thing in the morning. I always wondered where she’d gone and I always remembered her name, Susan Rainbow C.

The afternoon was better still. I was just sat there putting bits of tile into cement and these 2 lads walked in. One was tall, fat and reminded me of Fred Elliott off Corrie and the other was pretty gorgeous. He was tallish with blonde hair and a bit of a tan. I found out their names by listening out for them. The Fred one was Adam and the nice one was Finn.

Bella was at the other end of the corridor working on a caterpillar and Adam went up there with her. Finn sat in the group next to me. I was thinking, “Yes, yes, yes!” and “Oh my God, what do I do?” I just carried on. Then the 2 lads he was with went off and I accidentally (NOT!) knocked into Finn on my way to the bin as he stepped back slightly into my way (that could’ve been deliberate too).

We were both working away, occasionally exchanging glances and smiles when one of the kids said summit funny. Eventually, I spoke and said summit like, “You’ll probably end up doing most of it on your own, you know.” He started saying about how he’d never done it before and I asked why he was here. He said he was from the college (must be 16 or 17) and just helping out and that he might do it again tomorrow in the afternoon with his mate.

He returned the question and I told him I was on 2 weeks work experience and I was helping with the art all day tomorrow. He then decided he was helping all day so he could miss lessons. His mate then came over and said that he knew Bella coz she lived down the road and they had a quick whisper and he went again.

After break, Finn and I went up the other end and the 4 of us ended up working on one together. We kept glancing at each other at the same time and he was being quite nice to me. He was asking my opinion on stuff and seemed to like it when I agreed. It reminded me a bit of when Ralph 1st fancied me but I don’t think Finn does and there’s only one more day and he probably won’t even come.

He said bye afterwards.


P.S. [Time for some stalker notes…] I also found out that Finn has one sister in Year 9 at the high school near Longford Primary.

There was this bloke taking photos as well and Finn and I were stood close and had to squash up further.

On her way out of school, Mrs J said to me and Bella, “I see you’ve found boyfriends.” Huh, not Adam, maybe Finn but I’m having him!

My Auntie S phoned tonight and said that Uncle R had phoned her and told her that my cousin David has turned into Kevin (a Harry Enfield character) at the age of 10. You see, he went on a trip with cubs or scouts or summit to Brussels and before he went, Uncle R and Auntie M told him to enjoy himself, be careful, not go off on his own and not talk to strangers. All the usual parent stuff! They were worrying about him for days and finally he phoned. The conversation went summit like this:-

(R&M = Uncle R & Auntie M, D = David)

R&M: David, hi, how are you?
D: Alright.
R&M: Well, is it interesting where you’ve been?
D: Boring.
R&M: Where are you now then?
D: Netherlands.
R&M: The Netherlands! What are you doing there?
D: Day trip.
R&M: Well, where’ve you been? What’s there?
D: Windmills.
R&M: Who are you with now?
D: On my own.
R&M: On your own?! What do you mean you’re on your own?! Where’s everyone else?
D: Round the corner.
R&M: Well, who’s by the phone box?
D: A man in a mac. Bye.

Well, you can just imagine what they were thinking. I’m sure they had visions of flashers and stuff. He got home okay though, I think.

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