Suzanna the Slapper’s going to snog him – 6th July 1998

Monday 6th I fell out with Ralph over the phone yesterday. I’d been helping with Emma’s sister’s swimming party (I can open my eyes under water now) and when we got back, Emma and I were bored so we rang Ralph.

It started off ok but then, as usual when I start a conversation with Ralph, he started getting all deep and meaningful on me. He kept saying that I was self-centred and that I was always cold with him. That’s not true at all. Ok, I admit to being awkward but that was only coz I was embarrassed. He’s just far too sensitive and takes everything I say the wrong way. Sometimes when I do say something nice, he thinks it has some sort of double-meaning or that I’m just being sarcastic.

I don’t want to be really nice though coz it’d just encourage him and then he’d probably ask questions again and I’d get embarrassed and he’d end up getting disappointed.

Now Suzanna the Slapper’s going to snog him on Saturday so he’ll forget all about me and I’ll end up regretting it coz I’ve got no chance with anyone else (meaning Ferny).

I had my 1st day of work experience today at Longford Primary School. It was quite good but tiring. I mostly listened to kids read and did group work with them. Some are really sweet. I don’t particularly like Miss C though (the teacher I was with) coz she was really miserable, never smiled and was strict with the kids.

She always had summit for me to do though which was good and she explained stuff clearly enough to me. She had them calling me Miss Simpson though which I didn’t really like. I just wanted to tell them to call me Tess but I was scared of what she’d say.

I’m glad Bella Jameson’s there too coz it’s someone to talk to and we can go to her house at lunch. We’re with the artist tomorrow so that should be different.


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