Ralph got out some spirits and a bottle of wine – 1st July 1998

Wednesday 1st Not in a good mood about the football. Bloody Argentina. Mind you, I thought England did quite well considering they were down 10 men coz Beckham got himself sent off. Most of the nation hates him now and reckon he should lose his place on the England squad. I bet he got a good bollocking from Glen Hoddle.

David Beckham 1998

[I didn’t hate him. I loved him so much that I drew him.]

I went to watch it all at Ralph’s house with him, Emma and Freddie. We started off downstairs coz his mum and brothers were in bed. Ralph got out some spirits and a bottle of wine. I didn’t have any except for a sip of this mingin’ stuff which tasted like marzipan, just so I’d know what it tasted like in case they spiked my drink.

They did. I didn’t drink it, I’m not stupid. I would’ve ended up doing summit I regretted.

Ralph kept leaning on me and I kept telling him to geroff. He also did the hair bobble thing again and kept telling me it looked sexy down.

With chewing gum wrappers, you get the pictures on the back and some people make you pick one when they’ve been torn apart and say they all have meanings. [Cue my instructional diagrams.] They’re:

Well, Ralph was trying to fix it so they would all be lips but I just picked any.

Then we all went into Ralph’s room. Emma and Freddie went off and left us and Ralph said, “Tess, can I ask you something?” When I asked him what, he said, “Nah, it doesn’t matter, you’d only say no.” I managed to convince him to go downstairs and there was pretty much silence.

Ralph later started speaking to me again and discovered I had my Kappa pants on. He asked me how far up the poppers went but didn’t actually do anything. Then England went and lost and Ralph got all upset. He leaned on me again and I let him. Then Emma’s mum came.

I’m so gutted about England losing. It’ll depress me if I write about it so I won’t.

Today I got the morning off for an orchestra rehearsal for the concert tonight. Then I had P.E. and then Sports Day in the afternoon (yeah, that makes sense. NOT!) In P.E. we just helped set up and Rach and I lay on the crash mats with the gorgeous Mr P-K (who just happens to be called Ralph) and talked about waterskiing and Mr S being a freak!

At lunch, I caught Ralph looking at my legs and nudging Ferny. I didn’t say anything, I just left it.

← We were all given one of these, a different colour for a different team. Most of us were all on separate teams so there was quite a bit of rivalry. There was:-

Wimbledon – Yellow – Ferny and Rach
Headingley – Blue – Me and Freddie
Ascot – Red – Emma, Hayley, Georgia, Olivia, Ralph, Graham and Dougie
Twickenham – Green – No-one I know

To start with, we all went over to watch Ferny doing the long jump. He’d already done the 800m and came 3rd out of 3. I dunno what he came in this but he had his red knee support on so he probably didn’t do as well as he could have.

Then we all wandered over to embarrass Emma who was doing the javelin. She couldn’t and they were all putting her off. I was stood with Ferny coz everyone else had sat down. He was being quite nice to me again. I like him again now.

Then they all came over to watch me, Rach and Georgia doing the triple jump. I mucked up my 1st go badly and Ferny said, “Tess, do you wanna wear my support?” He knows I’ve hurt my knee and I thought it was dead nice of him to offer his. I said I was alright though. [I’m shocked I didn’t snatch it off him and that I’m not now having to take a photo of said knee support glued into my diary.]

Later we were all just stood by the track. I was taking the piss out of people like Emma and Ferny was agreeing with me. He kept coming and standing next to me too. Hayley (who also fancies him now) had his jacket on. He was obviously freezing but he didn’t ask for it back. Damn! I also sat next to him at the end and watched my team being announced as last.

Ralph was still after my bobble and I got annoyed with him when he kept hitting my legs with things. He’s probably in a mood with me now and I’ve got no chance with Ferny.


P.S. Ferny doesn’t drink alcohol. Sensible lad.

P.P.S. Ralph and Emma phoned me before. Didn’t say much. He wanted to know if we could go into the village. We had a concert on at school.

I’ve just remembered that Ferny nearly gave me a piggy-back. I was jumping about, trying to see over the crowds and I told him I couldn’t see. He asked me if I was as heavy as Jade Hancock who had previously nearly broken his back. The conversation stopped for some reason. I think, oh yeah, Ralph fell off a chair he was standing on.

Anyway, Ralph told Emma before they rang me that if I haven’t gone with [snogged] him within the next two weeks then he’d give up. She also told me that he’d said he started liking me again since he saw how sexy I looked with my hair down! Ha ha, that’s a good one!

I also went for an interview at Longford Primary after school. It seems nice enough.

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