All she seems to talk about is her hair – 18th June 1998

Thursday 18th I’ve been feeling a bit left out of everything for the last couple of days. It might just be me being sensitive bit it feels as if nobody really cares I’m there.

– Emma’s too busy with Freddie all the time and all she seems to talk about is her hair and how many spots she has today.

– Hayley would rather I wasn’t here at all coz she’s decided she wants a boyfriend so has started fancying Ferny again and, of course, I’m competition aren’t I?

– Ralph just doesn’t give a toss about me anymore which is a big difference from the beginning of last week.

– Rachael went to Emma’s house last night and they phoned Freddie and evidently they were talking about me. I dunno what was said though.

– Ed seems to think I’ve been telling Dougie (James Douglas) things about him when I haven’t said a word. I dunno what’s going on.

I also get the feeling that nobody’s telling me anything anymore and I’m always the last to know about things and nobody bothers to tell me any changes. It’s like this thing with Ralph and Emma organising going to Manchester. It was only by chance I found out that he and Freddie are coming down to Emma’s village instead. I just happened to ask what was going on at the end of school and Emma told me. I wonder if anyone would have bothered to fill me in otherwise.

I’ve not been happy at all since Wednesday really. It’s awful. I hate letting things get on top of me but they have.

All I want to sort out is this thing with Ralph and for him to ask me out again, get a work experience place sorted and for everything to get back to how it was before. I can’t see that happening somehow.



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