What I want to know is what sort of tut it was – 16th & 17th June 1998

Tuesday 16th Ralph’s still ignoring me but says he isn’t, he’s just being normal. He also says I’m a bitch coz I messed him about so much. I know and I can’t blame him for saying that and I really wish I hadn’t messed him about now. I’m going to tell him that if I ever get the chance and he’ll listen to me.

He’s never going to go out with me now, I may as well face it, but I want to at least get him speaking to me again.

He said he doesn’t like me and doesn’t fancy anyone else at the moment.

Scotland drew 1-1- with Norway today. Good but not good enough. I’m off to watch Fantasy Football now.

Wednesday 17th Guess what. Ralph still doesn’t like me (and probably never will again) but he knows I exist again. He actually answered my question when I asked him what he’d done with my bag. I knew perfectly well he’d thrown them all in the store cupboard in hope that one of us went in to get them so he and his mates could shut us in. I just asked to test his reaction. Normal. He just very basically told me where they were.

Emma had her Food Tech lesson with Lena and Ralph today. She told me that Ralph had decided he wanted to go somewhere this weekend (he must have money) and he suggested swimming. Emma flatly refused coz she doesn’t want to be seen in her cossie. Someone suggested Manchester and that was agreed.

Emma told Ralph that I’d want to come (I’m not so sure if I do if it’s gonna be a repeat of Friday night) and I can’t remember how she said he reacted. It must have been badly coz it made Lena say, “You still like her, I can tell.” He just tutted.

What I want to know is what sort of tut it was. Was it a for-God’s-sake-how-many-times-do-I-have-to-say-I-don’t-bloody-well-like-her sort of tut or was it a yeah-you’re-right-I-do-still-like-her sort of tut? I hope it was the second one. [This is the best teenage diary over-analysis that I’ve seen for a while.]

We had the high jump in P.E. today. It was so funny. Jeremy Greenhalgh (Jez) came to his turn and ran up, crashed into the bar, rolled over in the air, slid across the mats on his stomach and got his head stuck between 2 crash mats. It was like summit out of a cartoon with his head gone and the rest of him thrashing about trying to get it free. When he did, he lay flat and the rest of him went between the mats. You had to be there really but it wasn’t half funny!

The other funny thing is that Emma is turning into a bloke. She’s growing a beard! Well, there was one long, curly hair that I noticed on her chin in Science. I thought it was just a piece of dust but when I told her and she tried to get rid of it, she discovered it was rooted there. Urgh, poor Freddie! She always says she’d hate having a boyfriend with a beard. Well now Freddie’s got a girlfriend with one!


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