Does he ‘eck fancy me – 14th & 15th June 1998

Sunday 14th I went round to Emma’s house today. She phoned Freddie whilst I was there but didn’t get much info on what the hell was wrong with Ralph on Friday. Freddie did say that Ralph said he still liked me but didn’t want to go out with me anymore.

Yeah right. He either likes me or he doesn’t and Emma and I think he doesn’t. I should’ve just gone out with him whilst I had a chance. [10 chances.] I’ve blown it now.


Monday 15th

I had my Walkman with me in school and fed the wire up my sleeve so I could pretend I was leaning on my arm whilst listening to the match. Our class was unbelievably quiet today. I wonder why! It’s great. 2-0. I was pretty sure they’d win but it’s good to know they did. Shearer and Scholes scored but I’ve not seen the goals on TV yet properly. I only saw the Shearer one upside-down on Ralph’s mini TV.

He’s still ignoring me. I got Rach to ask him why and he told her it was because I wouldn’t go out with him until after I’ve been to France. Well, summit like that anyway. Whatever the excuse was – it’s bollocks. All I told Freddie was that I wanted to go out with Ralph but not yet. I dunno where the France bit’s come from.

I asked Ralph after school myself what was going on. He just muttered, “There’s a reason” and he wouldn’t answer me when I asked him what.

It’s my own fault, I know that. I brought it all on myself after messing him about so much and not giving him straight answers. I bloody well regret it now!

Graham Baxter was being quite nice to me at break. I didn’t really think about it until Emma mentioned it. There was me, Emma, Freddie and Graham in T Block at the end of lunch, trying to get a signal for Ralph’s TV so we could watch Neighbours. Then Graham suddenly started asking me what I made in Food Tech on Friday, how good it was and what I was making this week.

Emma reckons that it’s the sort of conversation you make when you fancy someone coz you can’t think of anything to say and then you feel stupid afterwards. I must admit that it was a strange thing to start talking about in the middle of fixing a TV.

Tess, doh! Does he ‘eck fancy me, he’s got a bleeding girlfriend.

Oh well, he’s too short anyway!


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