A massive wave of jealousy and annoyance came over me – 12th June 1998

Friday 12th

[Cleo the cat’s hairs sellotaped in to my diary foreverrrrrr. Well, for 18 years. Still pretty gross.]

An awful end to an awful week. Ralph hates me and I’m ill.

We went to the cinema tonight with Emma, Freddie, Hayley, Lindsey Bullman, Georgia Dean, Safiyah L and Olivia. We all split up. Georgia and Safiyah saw Sliding Doors, Lindsey and Olivia saw Scream 2 and me, Ralph, Freddie, Emma and Hayley all went to see The Wedding Singer. It was quite a good film but Ralph went all miserable and sat on his own.

Hayley said he said I was a bitch but Emma said he said an evil witch. Either way – BASTARD!

Well, he wasn’t much company on the way to McDonald’s either. There were just the four of is coz Hayley went early with everyone else. He didn’t say one word to me. I don’t understand coz he spoke to me in school. I know he’s gone off me and doesn’t like me anymore but I knew that before we went to the cinema and, as far as I know, I hadn’t said or done owt to him before then.

When we got to Warrington Bus Station, Emma went up the stairs for some reason and Freddie followed. I was left on a bench with Ralph. It was total silence so I asked him where they’d gone and he didn’t even look at me, he just shrugged his shoulders. I asked him what was the matter with him and he just said, “Nothing.”

There was more silence for about 10 minutes until he stood up and followed Emma and Freddie. I stayed where I was. I wasn’t sure whether to follow him, go and talk to Roxanna who was on another bench or stay. I stayed. I could see Ralph’s legs at the top so I knew they were still there if I changed my mind. Emma could’ve at least come down with me but she didn’t.

This pissed last came after they came back to join me and started talking to Freddie and asking for fags. I was getting pretty worried coz he had a bit of a go at Freddie for being cocky or summit but he calmed down a bit. Then Roxanna and her mate came over and sat with us so I felt a bit safer in a bigger group.

When the bus finally came it was really crowded so I had to sit next to Ralph but as soon as there was an empty seat, he moved. Then Ceri Brownlee (in the 6th Form College, knows Ralph, also pissed) gave Ralph a kiss on the cheek as she got off the bus. A massive wave of jealousy and annoyance came over me and Ralph just went red.

He still hadn’t said anything to me by the time Emma’s mum collected us from the village. He hesitated before he got in the car so Freddie sat next to me instead. I think he might possibly have said bye when he got out of the car but it wouldn’t have surprised me if he didn’t.

I hardly spoke to anyone all night coz Ralph was ignoring me, Emma and Freddie were preoccupied with each other and Hayley was annoyed with me for shaking the ice in my drink. Now I’ve got a sore throat, a cold and achy eyes.

What a great week – NOT! It isn’t even finished yet.


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