Nowt good’s happened today – 10th June 1998

Wednesday 10th I have had such a bad day today. The worst thing was that our cat, Cleo, died. It’s horrible. I keep expecting her to walk in, stare at my hamster and rub round my legs but she won’t ever do that again. She was such a beautiful cat, an Abyssinian [We think. She was a rescue so we had no proof.] and everyone said she was really pretty. She was only about 5.

It’s so unfair and it’s such a shock. It was all so unexpected coz we knew she wasn’t too good last night but after school today she was much worse and was having real trouble breathing. Mum rushed her to the vet and I hoped so much that it wouldn’t be the last time I saw her alive.

Unfortunately it was. The vet said she had fluid on her lungs which he said was most likely a traumatic injury, probably a car. We were meant to phone back tomorrow lunch to see the results of tests and x-rays but they rang us and said she had just laid down and died. Dad collected her and brought her home. She just looks asleep. I don’t really cry much but this is really upsetting.

I want to change the subject before it gets me upset again but nowt good’s happened today.

I didn’t get the vet work experience placement either. Mr W told me to come and see him at lunch coz there was a problem. I went and found out that Megan Quinn and I got put down for the same placement and they could only take one of us. He tossed a coin and Megan got it. I’m not that bothered about the placement, it’s just coz she got it (I hate her) and it’s really close to the time when we have to go.

Ralph, Freddie, Emma and I did a 4-way call tonight. He still likes me and asked me out. I didn’t answer. Again. I want to go out with him but not now coz I’ll hardly see him after the 3 weeks left in school. Now I’ve regretted telling Emma and Freddie this coz they’re gonna make me (well, they can try) tell Ralph this myself to his face.

Now I’ve thought about it though, I might as well just go out with him [OH MY GOD, TESSA!! Make up your (my?) mind!] coz I think he’ll have gone off me by September (they don’t) and I don’t think I’ll get many more chances, if any. I’ll have to see how I feel tomorrow.

P.S. That new Spice Girls song, Viva (or summit), really reminds me of Cleo coz Mum told us whilst it was playing.

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